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After an unusually warm day yesterday, winter is back...  My office-mate is bored with my work today...  Lucy trying to figure out where to nap next...  Backsplash :)Back porch Measuring for the next decision... bedroom window treatments...   Aside from a good cleaning, all the kitchen needs now is the tile backsplash and pendant lights over the island :) Blue blood moon rising...  My tub has finally made it into the master bath :)  Late Sunday afternoon walk on the beach...  Must be close - address numbers are onsite :)  Beams are up...  getting closer every day!  Looking forward to porch weather :)  Love...  The fireplace and built ins are starting to come to life :)  One stop closer...  counter tops are in :)  Looked all over for Lucy and found her here...pillows rearranged :)  Saturday afternoon walk on the beach...  A new car battery later, my first Maine garage experience did not disappoint :) Step 1 of our hallway tile made from reclaimed brick...  Hardwood floors are going in :)  A glimpse of the tedious but beautiful tile work in the master showerDucks on a frozen pond...  Finally warm enough to take a walk today...  You know it's cold when the beach freezes...Almost a real kitchen!  Winter in Maine...  Master bath tile work :)  Lower cabinets are in - kitchen is starting to come together!  Another beautiful winter sunset...Just a little cold...  The inside is starting to come to life now...  french doors to the office/guest bedroom  :)Winter sunset...  Our first coastal Christmas... a cold and white one!  Not quite sure what to make of 3...  Fanueil Hall light show...  Taking in the holiday spirit in Boston Thursday nightThat water sure looks cold...  Longtime friends :)  Today's big excitement.... leach fieldStarted to look like a real house on the interior last week :) Mom and a very inquisitive Ellie :)  Cliff House Christmas tree :)  Late afternoon lineupBeginning to look a lot like Christmas :)  Sunday afternoon walk on the golf course...  Cozy Christmas by the sea...  Christmas Prelude EveA little holiday bear hug...  Finishing up the trim on the back of the house...  Play break...  Ellie MaeView from my brother's backyard in PA this am - our reward for heading out early for the trip back to ME.Happy 80th Birthday Dad!  Thanksgiving Day Blessing of the Hounds No caption needed...  Carolina afternoon with Mom and DadLucy not quite sure how to tackle the stairs at Uncle Matt's but at least she's happy...We're sheetrock ready.... and it's the biggest sheetrock I've ever seen!  A boatload of colors...Look out Lucy and Steve...  Seagull mania...  Cold fall day at dusk...  Bittersweet and Buoys Downtown KennebunkSunset in the back windows :)  Beautiful sunrise this morningMother Nature showing her stuff...Happy Halloween!Lunchtime walk :)  Pumpkin at Steve's courseMorning cloud cover over Corea Harbor a few weeks ago Goat Island Lighthouse, Cape Porpoise, MEAt the top of Mt. Peg in Woodstock, VT early September. Must be beautiful at peak foliage...Wading...Wells sunset :)  Lobster traps and Lucy...  Lucy and her favorite vacation spot Happy doggie...  It's really coming to life now :)  Gorgeous sunset tonight..  Bar Harbor sailboatContentment...Moonrise :)  Sunrise on the last day of vacation did not disappoint...Dinner... fresh off the boatDowneast Maine :)Lucy Taking in the sights and sounds of Corea HarborFront porch underway :)  Vermont :)Perfect day for a walk on the beach...  Last night's sunset from our table at Pier 77  Celebrating our anniversary :)  Where we first met at Fenway :)  Fun watching the waves last week...Apple time!  Standing tall...Maine life...Could watch the waves crash against the shore all day long...  The sea was a little big angry today...  Slowly working their way to the summit of Mt. PegQuechee GorgeCalvin Coolidge birthplace...  A fun apple tree at the Calvin Coolidge Homestead in VermontLoved our stay at The Woodstock Inn :)Slowly but surely starting to look like a house :) In the Sox dugout :) Mook and I always had our picture taken together on my Fenway outings... one final one :(  Coming up with her Plan B on a rainy day in WoodstockLucy looking to sample the "Friday Flannel" at Vermont's dog friendly Harpoon BrewerySteve and Lucy exploring Woodstock, VT Enjoying a few days in Vermont at the beautiful Woodstock InnContemplating the end of summer?  Kitchen window above where sink will be - Actually looking forward to doing dishes here :)  1st floor is taking shape!  Making progress :)  Finally...  a wall!  Pastels and a paddle boarder...Heading out into Casco BayBeautiful afternoon for a boatride around PortlandPost rain...  Basement slab is poured, carrying beams are up and framing is finally underway! Sunshine fishingLounging...  Beautiful sunset tonight...Better chance of survival than baking in the sun...Found this little guy getting a little sunburned...  Sometimes it feels like they really are this big...  HIgh note?  Sunbeams to start the day...The sun guiding Steve and Lucy off the beach after a nice walk...  Carrying beam, here you come...  Blueberry picking round 2 and the bushes are still loaded!Sun spotlight? Lucy surveying the foundation from the "garage"An ay yup Maine rock?  Lots of blueberries for picking in Maine! Lucy loves her morning walk... and swim :) Perfect beach day...A little investigating :)  Pretty sunset tonight... Foundation! Steve taking his daily picture from the same spot earlier this week...One very content doggie...  Forms ready, rainy day and all!  Dropping our St. Benedict's medal into one of the foundation wall forms :) Suprise Saturday progress - Forms!  Something a little different on our morning walk yesterday... Footings!And the big hole is all dug!  And we're underway :)  Off to the apple orchard...  The next chapter officially begins this week :)  Celebrating our Maine residency with dinner and a view...  Looking out the dining room window one last time before the new owners moved in...  Happy 4th!Hope the folks buying our house like peaches - the tree is LOADED this year! Taking a break from packing for a little splish splashing...  And away into storage goes most of our furniture...You know things are in full moving mode when you get a birthday present wrapped in packing paper :)  Early morning sun...Very interested in our backyard visitor...A sunny and very warm afternoon in the strawberry fields...  Squatters on our new house lot?  A little further on our walk... George & Barbara's house...The way life should be...Emptied :)  Owen the Supervisor doing a final check...  Starting to feel a little more real... slowly but surely emptying out the houseOur dogwood in all its glory...  going to miss this tree.Napping in the days of summer indeed!Thinking cool...  Good Morning indeed :)  rhodie time...  Should be a big hole dug here in the next few weeks :)  Back at the Nubble over the weekend for a little peaceful reflection...  Sunbathing reflection...Sunbathing...  Right back at ya...Peach tree is loaded with baby peaches :)  The yellow rhodie is starting to bloom :)Newly updated sign is starting to make this all feel very real...  Keeping those 4 blue eggs nice and warm...  Beautiful spring night... Apple trees, cows, so much to take inVery content in the apple orchards walking distance from our new house lot :)  In the wreath hanging above our garage doors...  Happy doggie... Enjoying the first lazy Sunday in a long time...  Even on a cloudy day, the Nubble never disappoints.Officially on the market as of today.  Not gonna lie - got a little emotional when the sign went up...  Not sure this is the best place for a nest but don't want to mess with Mother Nature... More peach blossoms...Sound asleep...  House goes on the market next Wednesday - praying to St. Joseph, head of the most perfect household :) King of the hill...  When your mulch gets delivered on a misty, cool spring day...Only got 2 or 3 blossoms on this tree last year - great to see it in full bloom now!Another day or two and our peach tree will be in full blossom :)  Blossoms on our cherry tree...April showers...  Signs of spring...   Springtime peace...  Owen and Andrew and their buddy Lucy...Cake time requires focus...  Exploring the woods just behind the new house lot and came across this...  Happy Easter!  Looking forward to spring and summer color :)Today's warm weather puts beach on the brain...  Sunset reflection...Mud Season...Blue sky, snow and sails...  Still pretty, even though it's supposed to be Spring...  Not a bad start to your day watching dogs play on the beach...  After 2 days of snow, nice to see blue sky again...  ...not April snow!  And we're not talking just a little snow...  It's supposed to be April SHOWERS...  Soaking up so much sun she's panting...  Soaking in a beautiful sunset on an empty beach last weekMaple Weekend :)  1st floor hardwoods refinished and now the fun job of putting everything back together...  Scallop sighting on Ogunquit Beach last weekThe ol' puppy dog eyes routine...  Celebrated the first day of spring yesterday with a lunchtime walk on the beachFinal sunset of winter 2017 - Happy Spring! Winter sun...  Someone had some fun digging in the sand...  Cold but beautiful night post blizzardTuesday's blizzard watchdog...  Thaw time...  Monday night's calm before the storm - barely a wave...As of late January, we're pending :) Steve and Lucy scoping out the lot we liked last April...  Morning sunshine on the first draft of our new house plans...Not afraid to make herself comfortable...  Sweet dreams spoiled little pup...  Beach pastels...  Sunset over the marshColors were changing every second during our late afternoon walk on an empty beach Score!Pounce position... Who, me - move in on the snowman bird feeder?  Freeze tag?  Napping in the sunshine, forgetting all about the snow...  Woodpecker in on the snowman action too :)  Icicles at sunset...Boots, anyone?Snow pals...  A little snowy snack...  February's full snow moon :)  Coulnd't help but laugh when this snow loving pooch of mine ran over to me looking like this...  Pretty sunset sky tonight...Trying to find a little shelter from the snow...Yawn...  Winter sunrise...Keeping warm on a cold winter's night...The beauty of winter...Sun coming out after snow... Never...  :)  Never far from her jolly ball...Blue sky emerging over a winter wonderland...A hint of pink making an appearance against the white of winterSnowy fun in the backyardSaturday afternoon walk on Ogunquit Beach Lucy taking in the last little bit of Christmas...  Winter loving Lucy...  Winter wonderland snow :)  A snowy night outside but warm and cozy inside...Lucy in her "sneak attack" pose...  A favorite pic of my sweet Sophie... can\'t believe she\'s been gone a year today.  Always in my heart...  Snow covered "Christmas" tree :)  Cold and sunny...  Sun trying to make an appearance after a recent snowstormJust hanging out in my hand me down boots from my cousin RileyTall treees and the sun trying to peek through the clouds...What? Doesn't everyone like to relax in the snow?Didn't quite make it to midnight...  New Year's Eve ready...  Let it snow...  Former jail turned hotel's bar decked out for the holidays...The Nubble at dusk Tuesday nightDiscovered a beautiful new beach this morning...  Dashing through the snow...   Merry Christmas!Happy 2nd Birthday to our Christmas Eve born LucyEnjoyed our overnight stay at Boston's Liberty HotelGetting into the Christmas spririt in Boston...You don't need that hat... or eye, do you?!Don't mind if I get a closer look at you, do you?Hello there Miss Snowman...Breakfast view from our table at the Northeast Cafe...  Black and white...  Lucy in the fresh snow...  This dog loves snow...  Couldn't help but notice how appropriately the sunlight was hitting our nativity set this morning...Shed windows were just a little cold...  Jolly ball fun in the snow...Mmmm....snowAn enjoyable but cold walk today...  Lucy's frist trek over the new bridge on one of New Boston's trails.Santa's little helper taking a rest..."Marshmallows" roasting on an open fire...Frisbee fun in the snow...:)It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)  Nice touch on the tree farm mailbox :) Such a pretty setting for a Christmas tree farm...  I think Lucy's going to need some convincing to get into the holiday spirit...Happy Birthday to my sea loving husband :) A curious holiday storefront decoration in Ellicott City, MD...Enjoying a little turkey time before making the switch to Christmas...  Turkey hop?  Turkey Time...  Still some fall left at Monticello... this was just outside Jefferson's gravesite and cemetaryCongrats to Claude and Kristin!  Love the little girl looking on :)  Enjoying Claude and Kristin's wedding reception :) Visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello this afternoon...Cozy Lucy...  Fall moon...  Up close with the supermoon... Supermoon in the clouds...  Moon in the trees...  Guess it's time to get the leaf blower out...  :) Wish it could look like this longer...  mittens?  Big Bird footprint?  Heading for the hills...Lucy's lookout spot at Scobie PondBarn and leaves...  Can't resist the lure of a seagull...  3 little boats :)  Hundred Acres...  Haunted Acres   Ghosts in the graveyard...  Happy Halloween!  Pumpkin time...  A blanket of leaves...  Lucy in the leavesFall mums :) Nothing says New England like a barn in the fall...  New Boston in her fall glory...  A view worthy of "framing"...Leaves on the water...Enjoying fall :)  More fall colors :)  The yellows of fall...Beautiful scenery everywhere...  Pleasantly surprised at how good the colors are this year...  Sunbathers...  Taking a break during her morning walk in Kennebunk yesterday :) Introducing Lucy to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse - eastern most point in USNew discovery this trip to Corea...  at low tide you can walk the sandbar to the islandAnother place I'll never tire of...  Schoodic PointDusk settles over Corea HarborLove the colors of Corea Harbor...The early lobsterman catches the lobster...  Bold Coast Trail :)  All groomed up...    Cat tails...  A little sun sleeping...Anniversary roses :)  Enjoyed a nice walk to the pond tonight...A leaf within a leaf...Celebrating 2 years today :)  Where the heck is the fall foliage? Friends?  Big Papi is my guy but even I think this is a little over the top...   Waiting patiently outside the door while Dad showers...  Neighborhood dog that has started following us on our walks... and seems to like me...  dirty paws and all.One cozy doggie...A hint of fall color :)Looking out on a rare rainy day...  Not holding out a lot of hope for this year's fall foliage thanks to the drought :(  LucySplash...  Swim fetch...  A rememberance of their 50th as they celebrate their 51st - Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!Sucked into the Dog Whisperer mid rolling around on her back...  Soaking up the end of the day rays at Scobie PondShadow walkingSomething magical about light at dusk and dawn...Macs for the picking... and sampling :) Apple time!  Rock art at the top of Mt. Kearsarge:) Happy hikers taking a break :)  Watching their step...Lucy's first Mt. Kearsarge adventureTaking a break from jolly ballHappy National Dog Day!Following in Sophie's footsteps and playing the part of Steve's footrest....  Summer pleasure - lunch on the deck :)Duck enjoying a morning swim at low tideMy favorite time of day at the beach...  Basking in the morning sunshine...Nothing says summer like the ice cream truck on the beach at sunset...  Playing around with a photo app...  Behind bars :)A little reminder from nature that summer's days are numbered...Not exactly my idea of "art" but there was a whole bunch of these on display at a local exhibit...  There was also chewed gum on sticks...  In full bloom :)  Quite the imaginative painting...  not to be overlooked is George Bush's Kennebunkport house in the background.Summer sunset...  Splish splash...  Enjoying a walk on the beach...  We need a selfie stick to avoid the extreme close-up!  Bird watching...Beach selfie with Lucy :)  Making herself right at home at her grandmother's house...  Love that little face...  Lucy's maiden kayak voyage :)Location, location, location... PEI red...  Beautiful church in PEIBeautiful sunset tonight...Sunshiney Day...  Steve, Lucy, our car and Seacow Head Lighthouse Just lounging around...Mom and Dad's first ever s'mores...  Quality assurance testing...  Putting Mom to work during her visit north...  Relaxing after a nice roll in the sand...  The relocated Bobby Orr statue...  From the country to the city... A drink with a view at the Boston\'s Top of the Hub.Enjoying another day coming to an end while on our PEI vacation... Miss it already...  Playtime...They're even on the beach!St. Peters Harbour LighthouseFoxes everywhere on PEI too... these 2 were right outside our cottageFun to see bald eagles in our "backyard" on vacation...  Happy 4th!Steve, Lucy & the red cliffs of Seacow Head Lighthouse with the Confederation Bridge in the distanceEnjoying vacation :)Mussel farm and red sand reflection on St. Peter's BayBeautiful afternoon for another walk on the Greenwich Dunes TrailGreenwich Dunes Trail - unlike any walk I've ever taken...Sunset over a PEI mussel farm...At the Inn at Bay Fortune pre our culinary dinner experience...Lucy dining table for the week in PEI...  View of this morning's gorgeous sunrise from our hotel room Made it to St. Andrew's by the Sea in time for sunsetLittle visitor last night...  Summer solstice sun... Nothing like 'em...Sunshine on this year's rhodie blooms...A little mini-window in the tree...  It's the most wonderful flower time of year...  Checking out the Bedford Village Inn's new addition - The Grand Making herself comfortable where the kitchen action is...Water's on the other side :)  Happy dog, fog and all...  A foggy day...Life is good at the dog park... Thirsty for summer...  Make a wish...  Just watching the world go by...Happy Memorial Day!The sun trying to make an appearance last weekend at Kennebunk BeachFrancestown, NHLast weekend's walk on the beach before the summer crowds take over...  Such delicate wings...  Making friends at the dog park...  Beautiful night for the first of the season Happy Hour on the deck. Happy Friday!The leaves are finally starting to fill in :)Sometimes you just need to stop and take it all in...Dog head, human body...  If only Lucy's head was just a little bit higher...  Birch bark...  Gorgeous spring day...  Spring sure is taking its time but its getting here...Beautiful night for our walk to the pond...  Roof is done :)  Blinded by the light...  Lucy checking out what's going on outside...Almost done...  Anxious for spring to spring.... found this reminder of spring inside a local flower shopAnother peaceful morning on Scobie PondThe projects continue.... new roof is underwayA spontaneous explosion of storm door glass before we've even had the chance to paint the new front door...  Always something...The unrotted pieces of the poplar tree reconfigured...  Lucy's first turtle encounter...So still...  Taking the poplar down before it falls on its own and hits the house...  We call her "Daisy" when she does this with her gear toy....Yeah, that wouldn't end well... Happy...  Such a pretty spot...  Fearless hired tree guy...  not gonna lie - he made us nervous.  Sunday morning at the dog park...  KennebunkportLucy and Steve... bench buddies :)  Walk break...  Beautiful spring afternoon...Ty Law, Bobby Orr and Bill Russell and Big Papi throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for the home openerPapi's daughter Alex singing the National Anthem at her Dad's last Home Opener.Out for a little swim..Mmmm.... spring snow...Yeah, I've got a little snow on my nose, so what?!  Just standing at the wall watching the waves...:)More frisbee fun...Frisbee fun on the beachEnjoying a cold, raw and rainy night fire...  Lucy's first visit to the Nubble...Happy Easter! Haven't seen one of these signs before...  Leaner...  That time of year :)  Sunset frisbee on the beachA sleepy little Andrew...Morning run on the beach...  Chilling with her frisbee after a fun game of it outside...Not quite sure what to do with all the empty beach...  Sit...Window gazing...  Enjoying the scenery...  Miami Beach Sandbox...  South Beach...  On one of the kennels at the Animal Rescue League...  so very true...  Missing my Sophie Brown...  Scout seems very interested in Lucy's tongue...  Successful playdate = 2 tired doggies...  Kangaroo Lucy...  Carolina sky at dusk...  Enjoying January Charleston style...  Visiting our corporate headquarters this week... just a little different from working at home.  On the way into Charlotte earlier today... Snowzilla 2016 and all my flight went off without a hitch.Icy coating...  Giving me the "I don't want to come in" sad dog eyes...  Eagerly awaiting the throw...  Slept in this am and was greeted with this catch scene when I raised the bedroom shade :)  What IS this stuff falling from the sky?  Reunited with your Benny again...he taught you well and you returned the favor to Lucy.  XOXO...Loving my Sophie last night before taking her to the vet to say goodbye... it's time for her to join Benny and Casey Jones.The dogs don't seem as entertained by Columbo as we are...  So intricate...Cold, but at least it's sunny...  Staking claim on her gingerbread boy...This dog sure makes herself comfy...Looking and feeling more like winter...  Bird watching...Sophie BrownA momentary break from romping in the snow...A foggy afternoon walk last week...  The town general store decked out for the holidays...  Just a couple of Rudolphs enjoying a laugh together...  You better not pout?  Waiting for Santa...  Santa LucySnowy Lucy...Sophie nestled all snug in her bed... Winter doggies...  Who, me?  Snooping?  Finally warming up to Santa... she was scared to death of him.  Timber!  Came across this scene on the afternoon walk with Lucy today.Stretching it out to investigate...Those puppy dog eyes...  Always so festive...  Beautiful calm day on Scobie Pond yesterday - felt like Spring on our lunchtime walkHanging out by the Christmas tree...Lap dog?Special Delivery...  Very interested with this whole tree in the house thing...  Finally got to meet sweet little Rosie :)  A big fan of "The Yule Dog"...  Rainy, lazy day...You want me to walk the runway in this?  Deck the dog...  Sun down...  Taking a break from walking the beach and just enjoying it...  It doesn't get much better than a walk on an empty beach after Thanksgiving dinner...Sophie's pretty happy with her new bone too :)  Happiness is...  a new woolly bone Sophie enjoying the beach while on vacation in October...  Gorgeous sunset tonight...Looking like winter at the stores these days...  Enjoyed a few minutes in this peaceful greenhouse today...  Amother Corea Harbor sunrise...Corea Harbor sunrise...After a swim on vacation in October...  You coming, Mom?  There were a couple of artists painting when we were visiting the spot we got engaged...  here's one of the works of one of themOn our recent visit to Corea, we went back to the spot where we got engaged. Glad this sign on the path wasn't there on that big day! Follow the leader...One last group swim before heading north?Old lobster trap...  Where there's bait or lobsters, there's seagulls...  Going to seed...  Jolly Ball Buddies...Looks like we have ourselves a weekend project...  Summer's last hurrah...  Canadian geese in flightTwo guilty looking dogs and a toppled birdbath... hmmmm....Beautiful fall day...Sporting our Halloween orangeHappy Halloween!Beautiful morning walk today...  Maine ingenuity...  came across this in Corea.  Sophie in the leavesBoothbay Harbor "scarecrow"Can't get enough of this fall's colors...Harbor witch...Such great color this year...Lucy Loo...  Sophie BrownBirch...Enjoying Cadillac Mountain with Lucy...Fall at Acadia...The yellows of fall...Taking in the beautiful foliage...The colors are really popping now...At the summit of Cadillac MountainSo peaceful as night approaches...  Maine morning...  Overlooking Sand Beach at Acadia National Park...Topside Inn... former sea captain's houseDog meets grasshopper...Free roaming sheep are perfectly okay but dogs... they need to be on a short leashApple orchard parade?  Sunset from the porch of the Topside Inn in Boothbay Harbor last weekendMaine :) After a day of soaking rain, Lucy was pretty eager to get some sun...  Dusk at the inn we stayed at for our anniversary weekend.Taking in the scenery...   Enjoying Monhegan Island on our Anniversary Weekend :)  Someone was a little interested in the ducks...  Soph enjoying the ride through the Shenandoah ValleyLucy keeping an eye on Matt...Enjoying the view...  Fog lifting...Jack and Emma post hot tub...  Steve and I... and our car (parked on the left in front of the estate) at the Biltmore...  Family Photo at the Biltmore - wish Dad had come with us! Mom & Dad on their 50th anniversary at the mountain house we rented to celebrate.  Playing tourist with Lucy...  Welcomed with a downpour and rainbow at our next destination (Aiken, SC) after driving 1000+ miles in bright sunshine Pit stop #1 on our long road trip...  A peaceful Sunday morning view from my brother Matt's backyard in PANo doubt thinking "What?"Relaxing...All that activity requires a little relaxation every now and then...  Exploring this on our hike made for some added fun...  Today's adventure...  Evening walks, morning swims... this dog is keeping me busy! Taking in the view on our evening walk... Just a little focused on their bully sticks...  2 kayaks on the roof = 3rd kayak in the car and little passenger room...Mary and Mike's first kayak outingCurious about the waves...  Gotta love a dog and a tennis ball...Sunset...  Lucy following Sophie's lead and relaxing on the beachShe can't walk the beach as much as she used to but she can still relax and take it all in :)  Lucy discovers seagulls...  Walking on sunshine - no better way to start the day!Ahhh.... so calming.Afternoon stroll in the backyard garden...Late afternoon lilliesLooking just a little bit guilty here...The grass is always greener...Starting to see signs of fall already!Puppy fun in the astible plant...  Lucy and new neighbor "Scout" taking a playtime break...  Another dog day of summer...13th Birtthday treat diabetic style...  pumpkin in a cone.  Sophie Brown :)These dogs have it made...  Getting there...Goat love...  Dog days of summer...  Backyard visitor...Comfy?  Doggie on the bed...  Testing out the future workspace area of the new room...Coming along slowly but surely...  Attention getting tv show...  Hydrangea season :)  Beautiful afternoon and spot for a nice cold drink :)  Perfect timing for a water taxi ride over to our conference Dinner guest...  Sheetrock delivery day :)Patriotic pup... Patriotic SophieHappy 4th!!!!New favorite toy.  Dad's not happy...Sleepy doggies... Lifesaver, buoys and lobster traps... oh my :) Enjoying a lobster :)6 months old yesterday...  Lazy day for these guys...  Scoping it out...She's a natural...  first swim outing :)  Such a little lady... Giant spider web spun across two trees in our side yardLucy made some new friends this afternoonTaking a break after a fun romp in a field...Sophie training Lucy to fill the poolLooks like we've got a hoarder on our hands...  A cozy and sleepy Sophie...Capture the "wireless fence boundary" flag...  Chillin'...Soph testing the water...  Starting to take shape - complete with giant tv wall on the right and built in for mini-fridge/bar on leftStill working with the same builder all these years later :)  Back to finish the room over the garage...The dogs enjoying the bones Grandma spoiled them with...Really enjoying a little time on the beach this morning :)  Content at the ocean... guess we can keep her :)  Soph's enjoying pool time too :)  Cooling off...  At my aunt & uncle's 50th anniversary partyActing innocent...Sporting her Level 1 Obedience graduation bandana :)In all his glory...Courting...  Beautiful spring day...  So folks, what's for dinner?!   Looks like we have some more training to do...  One happy co-pilot...  Dog meets goats...Sometimes a dog just wants to take a break and sit in the middle of the road with a stick in her mouth...Happy Mother's Day Mom!A dog and her jollyball...  Daffys and Lucy...If I sit nicely, will you please take this gentle leader collar off of me so I can take you for a walk instead?Sunshine, Sophie and forsythiaTonight's walk gave promise to spring making itself known...  Why did the salamander cross the road?A very still and peaceful Scobie Pond this morning...Training Lucy to bring me my slippers.  Or what I wish was really happening here...  Doesn't matter that the jollyball is bigger than her head...  The little pup is getting tall and lanky...  the awkward teenage years :)Think Spring...Future dock diver?  Sophie Brown :)  Taking a break during our nature walk :)Not sure which neighborhood woodland creatures this mailbox belongs to...Sophie the supervisor...Love the little white spots on the back of Lucy's front paws and one back pawIntrigued by the canadian geese on the pond...  Nice morning walk to Scobie Pond...Ready for her learner's permit already?Opening Day at Fenway on Monday :)A long walk for little Lucy but lots of fun for her...  Watching tv with Dad...Morning hugsThinking Spring even though it doesn't look like it outside...Sophie Brown Stopped for a post Easter dinner drink on our way home and enjoyed this fun arrangement...  Happy Easter!  Giving the bunny a break...She's growing up...  Love seeing Mr. Cardinal around the yard...Beautiful day for a walk...  Hard to believe our big day was 6 months ago today...Starting to grow into those giant paws...Enjoying the starfish rope toyGotta respect Soph's focus while Lucy does aerobics on top of her...  Looks like the ocean caught Lucy's attention...  Lucy's first visit to the ocean :)Patiently waiting for Dad to come downstairsSomething tells me spring is going to be all kinds of fun...  SHappy St. Patrick's Day!Another fan of the giant wooly bone...Found some sunshine...An old timer, but still a pup at heartOne last jolly ball photo... for now :)  Tackling the big jolly ball...I knew dogs have a thing for fire hydrants but never knew it was like a religious experience...Sizing it up...  Another jollyball lover...  Soph reclaiming her lobster toy...  Looks like she's a stick dog...  This pup loves sleeping on her back...The supervisor...Red sky in morning...  March coming in like a lion.Had to get a Christmas picture of our little pup born Christmas Eve...Landing the catch of the day is exhausting...My guess is they're thinking "when is spring coming?"Big morning.... Soph let Lucy rest on her paw.  Making progress...LucySo much exploring to do...Everything's a game...  Beautiful sunrise Thursday morningQuickly learning the way in from the cold...  Fun in the snowA chilly Perkins CoveWinter swimming...  Cold and windswept Nubble Light just before last night's blizzardHappy Valentine's Day!Snowy AND cold...  Sophie's path...  and more snow on the way!Soph supervising the roof raking...Getting a real workout trying to throw snow over this bank...  It really does feel like living in a snow globe that someone keeps shaking!Steve on a mission to fill the bird feeder...  Snow wading to get some roof raking done before the next round of snow Our new puppy is coming from such a pretty location.  Can't wait to bring her home in just under 2 weeks...Soph relaxing backwards on her bed bolsterWinter has finally arrived...  Weathering the snow and cold...  Looks like we had a backyard visitor...  Can't wait to bring this little girl home :)   2 1/2 more weeks...  Getting a little fresh air... and a little jolly ball time Untouched backyard snow...Mr. Cardinal in the snowNot exactly loving the blizzard...  Squirrel's version of mooning me?Somebody's bored...  This guy did a pretty good job of blending in but Soph and I still spotted it on our walk todayThe pileated woodpecker is back...  viewed here through a window screenThis cute little thief is snacking on my winter arrangement...Soph supporting the team...  Always happy to see the sun :)  Not sure how comfy this is with legs going every which way...White lights...  Supervisors...Headed for a swim... A little sunshine and a napGave up the candy cane in lieu of the new Christmas wooly bone that finally arrived today!  Soph was pretty excited to come across this on our walk up the street today...  There's a whole lot of verical in this view...  I don't think Steve's feet are really Larry Bird size...  :)  Cheers to 2015!  It was a dog day afternoon...Backyard visitor....  looks like that tree is in trouble.  Figuring out and quieting the dinosaur's roar...  Beautiful spot for a wind-down day after Christmas lunch...Love all the little details on my santa collection :)Can you guess which ornament is from Steve\'s childhood?  Shouldn't that bike be a sled?  Sure doesn't feel like the holidays...  Santa came early with our wedding photos!  Wreaths and flags :)It's snowing indoors...The most wonderful time of the year...  Enjoyed a "Christmasy" walk around Boston this morningSo delicate looking...The star from Main Street...Camden's Christmas starThe beautiful light of duskDucks :)  Snow gives a whole new look to a usually drab looking swamp areaThe bike's parking spot...Looks like a slippery ride...  The hydrangea tree is taking a beating...  Trying to walk a straight line in a crooked scene...  White crested ducks in Camden Harbor. Love the tufts on top of their heads :)Camden's Christmas star at duskBeautiful sunset in Camden tonightNot exactly loving the snow as much as she used to...  A snowy Thanksgiving...  Cheers to a Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Birthday to my dancing machine Dad!  Enjoying fall amidst the forecast of a Pre-Thanksgiving snowstormTaking advantage of the warm weather and getting the lights up on the giant tree out front.  Not an easy job...Owen's 1st birthday with Steve as Mickey :)  This little one likes living on the edge...They really mean it...  Don't see too many houses with cannons in their backyards...Walking the footbridge...Late afternoon Fall sun..Winter's coming... cold enough to see your breath.1st photo with my new iPhone... pretty impressed with the camera.    Soph picked a nice backyard nap spot...Gorgeous fall day...One happy dog...  Soph & Steve enjoying a fall walk on the beachFall trying to hang on...I think folks should get married more often ;)  The presents are so fun! 3 retired Sox numbers in our wedding date :)  This house must have had quite the view of the foliage...  Golden leaves and our "M" pumpkin :)  The day after our wedding...  my brother finally visits the Nubble for the first time!Fall hydrangeas - love the shade of pink...Spooky...Indulging in the Bermuda rum cake we brought home.  Heating it up and adding a little extra rum :)  Sophie and the "M" pumpkin that welcomed guests to our receptionHard to believe our wedding was a month ago today...Fascinating to watch...  Bird on a Bermuda roofLooks like the statue is having a bad day...I miss our Bermuda breakfast entertainment.Still apple season :)  Even without any leaves, this birch tree adds to the fall colors...  Fall in New BostonSt. Peter's Church in Saint Georges, BermudaHoping Hurricane Gonzalo spares vulnerable Bermuda...Steve enjoying Horseshoe BayPort Royal Golf CourseLove discovering spots like this...Just came across this photo my Dad took at the reception...  finally relaxing for a minute!The breakfast view wasn't too bad either...What a setting for dinner.... Our Bermudian bartender friend E.B. and the bucket of IPA he went to the other end of the island to get just for SteveMr. and Mrs...This pretty much sums up Cambridge Beaches tagline... the ahhh in BermudaRoyal Naval DockyardBermuda sunset...Unfinished Church in St. GeorgesHorseshoe BayCheers!  Enjoying a Bermuda "Dark and Stormy"...Honeymoon time :)  :)Nice late afternoon walk on the golf courseOne of these things is not like the other...Hey there...  Beautiful September sunset...God Bless America...  An old York Golf & Tennis sign...So peaceful...Please can I have a chip?!Hungry seagullsSummer's last stand on Scobie Pond last weekend...  Sorry folks... no fun at Funorama today. Looks like even the seagulls are happy Market Basket is back...Jack modeling his new suit for the wedding... and showing off his dance movesMy flower girl and her seamstress...  alteration time for the big day :)  Heart shaped doorstep :)  Nice sunset and night out on the deck to kick off the labor day weekend...Guess all the boat passengers wanted a picture of the plane flying overhead...One month until our "I do's"...Never understood how some people consider these weeds...Bird & BranchesFinally got the kayaks out and it was a perfect afternoon for it!  Maine...Low tide...Michele sporting a replica of her trademark bow for my Dad :)  Me and MomMy shower hostesses :)  Blessed to be showered with lots of love and happy ever after wishes today :)  A little wing flapping...Celebrating 12 two weeks late and a candle short but celebrating nonetheless :)  The calm before the fall crowds...Went to the orchard last weekend for peaches.  Looks more like apple time!  Finally got around to painting the back door to the garage :)  Every vegetable/ice cream stand should have a peacock.  This guy was totally giving me the evil eye...On the runway...Awww....  Donating to the feast...  St. Agrippina di Mineo Feast in the North End Saturday NightBoston Harbor cruise :)Perfect spot for lunch with my bridesmaids during our weekend away - wheat themed and all :)  One year ago today :)  Love all the flags :)  Ridin' the waves..Looking in the mirrorSurgery for lumps on her eyelids and front paw was a success but poor Soph looks like she was in a fight...  Walking on sunshine...Sunday walk on the beach to celebrate turning 12 on Tuesday.No caption needed... the rock says it all :)Lily time :)  And they're off...  Invitation postage :)  So close...  Interesting perch...  Daisies :)The hammock looks pretty inviting especially after a full day of spreading mulch...  The garden is starting to crank out the cukes :)Frye's Measure MillAnother shot of the thief :)  Finally got to see the hosta and green bean eating suspect :)  Laverne getting a little shut-eye...My friend's dog Laverne making herself at home on the deckView from my room for the conference.  Either I was REALLY tired or the hotel did a great job soundproofing...Conference attendees were pretty excited about Tuesday's dinner...Enjoyed a beautiful sunset at our annual User's Conference tonightSox fan band member :)  Another photo from the Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway... These guys really get into dinnertime...Happy 4th!Headfirst...  Nice spot for a drink...A friend at work was suprised to see me in a photo sent to her by one of her friends who was also at the ZBB show.Nice walk around the gardens after birthday lunch at the Bedford Village Inn on SundayBirthday roses :)Zac Brown working the crowd at Fenway last night.  I loved every minute of the show... and our seats :)Rhody blossomsSoph and peonies :)  Love, love, love my peonies...Mums!  Wasn't quite prepared to see these guys just yet...  Beautiful day for strawberry pickingGetting right in there...  My favorite...  100 days until the big party in the old clubhouse on the hill :)  Almost....My white peonies are out ...and my favorite pink ones should be within the next few days :)  Walking the wire...Backyard visitor...Happy Flag Day!Maine...So great seeing everything spring to life...Colorful buoysIncoming...Didn't expect to run into this guy while exploring around the York River...More spring blossoms..."scent"sational seating...Blue sky, lilacs and an old red barn :)  Enjoying watching this mama and her babies... hope the nest holds up!  Soph went and sat in front of the azaleas when she saw I had my camera out :)Beautiful beach day on SundayReflections of spring :)  Hancock WharfRainy night at the beach but it's always good to be at the beach no matter what the weather is :)Soph and my creeping phlox...Blossom from our serviceberry treeMust be Maine :)  Memorial Day porch :)  The sun doing it's best to come out after this afternoon's downpourHappy Memorial Day Weekend!Time to start flower shopping :)  Time to give new life to the deck and mix things up...  now it's deciding which gray to go with.Lilac season :)  Wish I could smell it right through the photo...  Thanks to some clouds, the setting sun takes on eyes and a mouthLooking forward to this cool dude monk marrying usSo nice to see color again in the backyard...Just looking at this makes me feel relaxed...Love seeing the yard come alive again... even in places like behind the garage :)  Excited to see the blossoms on the cherry tree we bought last fall; should be in full bloom in a few days :)Happy Mother's Day Mom!  Relax today and soak in some sun :)  Flower power...Spring :)Fiery Sunset...Tip-toeing around...Illumination...  Happy Cinco de Mayo!Swim break...Spring comes to Molly's Tavern...   Sunset on the bridge...  Cheers to you Mom on your Birthday!  Even if it is just maple syrup...Future executive?  Searching for snacks...Looking forward to our big party here 5 months from today :)  Yesterday's wind left a hefty pile of leaves on the porch... had quite the vortex going for a while.  Love seeing the buds and all but I need these suckers to be finished blooming - allergies are killing me...Happy Earth Day!   Very excited to see these happy little faces in my garden today :)  The beach putting on a display of Lenten penance purple on Easter Eve.Couldn't resist sneaking a quick pic of "spring" in the making for an event...Not exactly daffodils but definitely the yellow of spring :)  Still can't believe the autograph this guy was proudly sporting at the Sox home opener...  In the 70's yesterday, snow this morning....  My matron of honor playing dress up with my Mom's wedding veil in honor of my buying mine last weekend.  Hanging on in the wind...  Wild looking cloud..."Play Ball"Champions :)  Coast Guard helicopter flyover Opening DaySox game selfie...Pre-Opening Day with Cousin MookieWith my friend Sue at her wedding reception yesterday.Papi getting one of his two World Series rings :)Home Opener for the 2013 World Series Champions!This was Jack the night before going to a World Series game last year. The front porch is "Spring" ready despite all the snow that remains...  This guy's beak is as long as his legsAside from the giant frost heaves in front of our driveway it sure doesn't look like Spring...Choosing the linen colors for the reception might be just as overwhelming as finding the gown...Spotted this guy just outside the window during lunch with Mom at the Stage Neck last weekend.I may have left a few almonds in the flower box for the squirrels...Because every sugarhouse needs fancy decorations...You know you live in a rural area when you see things like this...  Outside one of the sugar shacks we visited yesterdayWalking the plank to the sugar shack... Mom doesn't miss mud season.  Lady Cardinal overlooking York Harbor BeachWonder if this building settled or if these windows were designed to be askew...Parting ways?Searching for Spring?Winter on it's way out...Sporting her green...  Happy St. Patrick's Day!Love the late winter sunsets...Sure is a long way up...Wish every weekend had a walk like last weekend's...Fisherman Parking...Maine :)  Curious mode of transportation in Camden - the "Moonbeam".Bailey Island, Maine.  Love this.  The view on the walk back from the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse was pretty nice too...Beautiful afternoon for a walk out to Rockland Breakwater LighthouseWeekend getaway in Camden :)  Didn't see any horses but did see a whole bunch of deer. By the time I got my camera, all I managed to get was this guys' back end.Fortunate to have views like this just a few miles from homeHow inviting does this look right about now?!Mr. Cardinal outside the home office window :)  At "Toby Keith's I Love this Bar (and Grill)" they really do like you to drink your beer from a mason jar...In keeping with my "think warm" brainwashing...Thinking spring...Another one of those cold days where we just need to "think warm"...Snow, sea, sunset :)  Paths and piles everywhere we turn...One of yesterday's views from the porch of our reception venue.Beautiful sunset this afternoon...  Love the winter view from the breezeway...  Icicles as seen from the bedroom window...Sophie's happy to have a little more real estate cleared...  Might be time to shovel the deck...Bird baths are temporarily on hold...  This photo sums of this winter pretty well...Valentine's Day sunset :)"Snowfie"  Looking a little wintery out there...  From snow melting off the roof...  Thinking warm on this freezing cold day :)A layer of water and ducks, rocks, sand, grassA big welcome from the sun at the finish of our snowshoe outing today :)Wells HarborEnjoyed the view while drinking our coffee last Sunday morning"Fox" is hungry as a horse...6 months ago today :)  Hollyberry feast....Groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter.  Guess it's too early to start thinking about these guys being back on the beach...Nice afternoon for a walk on the wide open beach :)  Everywhere you look, ice...  Happy Birthday Emma!FrozenThe icicles are pretty and all but enough of the extreme cold already...  Yep.... it's cold out...  Enjoyed snowshoeing here this morning :)It really is a "picture" window :)  Doesn't get any better than a snow covered wreath and winter wonderland snow...Winter as seen from a moving car...  Walking in a winter wonderland...Fun with whoopie pies :)  Winter wonderland ride to a friend's house for dinner :)So nice to see the sun again...January thaw....  beautiful afternoon for a lunchtime walk.Zen waves...My brother's dog Riley lounging in his dog bedFrom last season... pretty well sums him up.  Won't be missed at all next season...Driving into the fog...Sunset and surf :)  Icicles... everywhere you go.Lady Cardinal looking for an afternoon snack below the bird feederBackyard squirrel invasionIn the winter, give me snow any day over rain and freezing rain... what a mess!  Afternoon shadows in the backyardFrosty but sunny view from the garage door :)  Only -12 just before 9:00 pm tonight...  Thinking warm as we weather the lowest temps in years...  Happy New Year!  Looking forward to one day in particular this year...   Thought of the day as the next cold front approaches...  Slush...  Yes please, Peace on Earth...  New cherished ornament...  only fitting the Sox won the World Series in the year we got engaged :)  Testing out our new snowshoes in the backyard this afternoon.  Sophie wanted in on the action too!Christmas Eve snooping...  Hand made photo coaster project....  Snoozing with Santa :)Enjoying the snow covered lighted tree in the front yard :)Definitely chilly earlier this week...It's a snowy December :)Just a little cold... Now it feels like Christmas...  The only thing missing from this scene is some greenery or a wreath on the fence :)Awe inspriring waves this morning...  The calm before the storm at the Stage Neck Inn today...  Remembering  West Quoddy Head Light on our tree this year :)  Bird meets turtle...Not so sure about this holiday style...  "Dragon Eyes" on the St. A's bell tower take on an even more sinister look with the ominous cloudsSpecial Delivery Snowman :)  Abandoned beach chairs... somehow they don't look as inviting as they would in the summer.Keeping an eye on me...  Looks cool in LL Bean but not so sure I'd want it in our house :)A little snow and this scene would really put me in the Christmas mood  :)Ryan and Kate in the Christmas spiritCharlie thinking of a future as a Santa?  Subtle holiday decorating in one of the rooms at the BVI...LL Bean sure knows how to light up a tree...Wind spray off the waves...  Thanksgiving day windswept waves along the Marginal WayStopping in here for a drink after Thanksgiving dinner has become tradition :)Apparently my mother took Thanksgiving very seriously once upon a time... Little roadtrip last Saturday to start thinking holidays :)When seasons clash...  An empty... and cold Moody Beach yesterday afternoon.Couldn't help but wonder what Soph's reaction would be if there was a sudden "Snap" :)  Love the "s" neck :)Sunset on a boat :)  You know you're at a tourist trap when there are coconut people for sale...Our backyard retreat in Key WestThis guy seemed a little more threatening than the guy with the translucent tail...Translucent tail?Weaving the palms into baskets, hats and flowersDoesn't get any more Miami than this...  Miami BeachKey West sunset... pesky clouds lined up along the horizon every night we were there but we did get to see some good color :)Gentle Florida breeze fluffing up this guys feathersErnest Hemmingway's "office"...Doesn't get much more inviting than this...Lunch stop in Islamorada en route to Key West... interesting place for sure.Beautiful sky at dusk tonight... caught it with just enough time to take a photo.Jack having a little fun with the ol' rabbit ears trick :)  Jack was scared in the "forest" too :)This guy is really enjoying all the acorns that are all over the backyard...  Gorgeous fall day for snacking on acorns...  So scary in the forest...  Happy Halloween!Hats off to the 2013 Sox - World Series Champs!!!!Let's go bearded wonders... let's GO SOX!!!!!Who needs a rainbow loom... Emma crafting me a bracelet using her big toe instead!Dad and son memory for my brother Eric and my nephew JackWorld Series pre-game with cousin Mookie and honorary Uncle BubbaGame 2 of the World Series!Emma all business with scooping out the seeds.After being suprised with the news that he's going to Game 2 of the World Series tomorrow, Jack makes his Dad pinky swear.  Went on a little adventure in a forest painting :)  The closest flowers Emma could find after I asked her to be my flower girl :)My engagement ring representing our fall wedding next SeptemberThe leaves are falling...  Fall moonrise...Fall days really don't get any better than today...I've heard of the red carpet... but a blue carpet leading to the water?Enjoyed a sunny Sunday morning out on Scobie PondCan't get it any fresher...  right off the press :)  Cider press in action...Bushels of apples and the chute leading to the 100+ year old cider pressOne of the many beautiful sunsets this week...Edging closer to peak colors...Kind of a cool sunset over a very still Scobie Pond tonightGreat day for a lunchtime walk on the Heritage Trail... and a good escape from the office :)  Enjoying a rainy Sunday afternoon...The colors are really starting to pop...Fun girls night out last night :)Chipmunk and fall leavesFall starting to make its presence known on Scobie PondFall colors on Maine's rocky coastline...York HarborDaisies looking out at the ocean...Perfect fall day at the ocean...Zen rocks aplenty...Wonder how long it took that seagull to create the zen rocks sculpture :)Maybe I'm showing my age, but wouldn't a wooden ladder have been much more photo worthy?The apple trees are loaded this year!  Enjoyed a walk around Concord Saturday afternoonApples and a view...We didn't quite pick as many as in the crate but we did get our fair share :)  Not sure I'd like the view from the first floor of this house...  Love the pinkish hue of duskWhadda ya looking at?!Sunday scenery with more beautiful blue sky...Perfect perfect spot for a little rest & relaxation...Beautiful day for a walk along the Marginal WaySoph soaking up the September sun on the beach...Beautiful September night in York after a rainy couple of days...Wishing I was back here today...  Never forget...Wonder if the golden hue of the rocks means the pot of gold is close by...Splash landing...Fog lifting over the mountain...Nothing says Maine like a lobster boat...Bells!The bells are all sand casted... here the sand has just been removedWatched the bell making process at U.S. Bells in Prospect Harbor...  that's some mighty hot bronze being poured into the moldsOne of the many downpours on Sunday...I'm ignoring the crazy rain we've had all day and thinking of scenes like this instead...Prospect Harbor, MEMom, Dad and Steve enjoying a good day of golf at York.Dad enjoying a nice crisp macintosh apple at Carter's Orchard today; something he sorely misses living in SC...  One bird per post...I could go for a few days stay here right about now...  doesn't get much more peaceful looking than that.Strike a pose...Prospect Harbor's lobster trap man...Spying on an artist at work...  Cormorants :)Petit Manan Lighthouse - near Corea, MaineNature's archSome serious outdoor dining...I think this guy must have gotten drunk just posing for pictures at Saturday's Sox game...It's all about the lobster in Maine...I guess bird baths are for chickens too...Apparently chickens like to relax too. The things you see in Maine...Not sure I'd want to live there but I'd love to visit :)Even managed to enjoy some beach time on vacation...Lobster boat in the lifting fog...Got engaged sitting on the rocks in the foreground...  Was bright and sunny the day we got engaged but the view is amazing in the fog too!Dinner fresh off the boat :)Cadillac MountainPuffins!Love the night colors in this harbor...HIked to the top of Schoodic Mountain today; the views were worth it!Nice start to a vacation :)Hope this year's vacation is as full of smiles as last year's was :)Something special about the light at dusk over Corea Harbor; counting the days until we see it again :)Happy 11th Birthday Sophie Brown!Looks like a great spot to boat watch...The lillies are out...  I knew the bees liked my blue globe thistle... didn't realize grasshoppers do too :)Resting on tbe rocks...  This guy sat there for a good 10 minutes drying his wings...Soph and I had fun watching dogs and their people on the beach Sunday morning...  Wish I was out on one of those boats but it was pretty relaxing just watching them.Baby seal stranded on the rocks in Kennebunk after the tide went outThe fan wasn't cutting it...  Soph's much happier at the beach, sand on her face and all :)The brown dog has been spending a lot of time in front of the fan lately...  I wonder if they'll have the same welcome sign for me this year.  Ok, maybe it wasn't for me exactly, but still, I felt welcome :)Looking forward to more Downeast Maine scenery in a few weeks...This looked like a nice place to try to do some work... the view was a little distracting :)The helicopter looks so tiny...  Fenway goes country... the crowd between sets.Fenway stage for the Jason Aldean show.  We were 20 seats back from center stage.  Loved every minute!Awesome view from our company's conference venue this yearWho knew petunias are also grasshopper resting places...Can't wait for these to fill in :)  Love my roses...  Definitely looking (and feeling) like summer!Every day should be a hammock day...Had Scobie Pond pretty much to ourselves this afternoonCheers to a Happy 4th!Think the one pressed up against the side of the window well was trying to shield himself from the rain...Saturday's birthday outing ended with a cool refreshing beverage overlooking the water in Portsmouth.Stage Neck backyard seating...Perfect spot for a birthday lunch :)Lake life...Strawberry stroll...What a treat to see the sun come out tonight after this afternoon's drenching downpours. Don't think I've ever seen it rain that hard.Yep... it's officially summer.Summer equals water fun for Sophie... sitting in the shallow water patiently waiting for the throw.Fresh strawberries... can't get enough of 'emNothing like a fresh layer of mulch to neaten things up...Lots of equipment for a 2 man band...I'm a nature lover and all but I don't particularly care for snakes hanging out on the porch steps...  The drops of rain make the peony seem even more delicateMy favorite flower time!  Sure wish they stayed in bloom longer...12 yards of mulch...  that should keep us busy for a while.  Happy Father's Day Dad!Very happy to see my false indigo in bloom... first time in a few years!The chives surrender to all the rain...Someone was getting their Zen on here...So delicate...Needed a reminder of flowery, sunny days during this rainy June...This nest is on it's side and towards the edge of the bush it's in... hope these eggs make it.  Ready for the class dinner at Reunion WeekendDoesn't seem possible... at our 25th college reunion...This butterfly is on the move...Butterfly at work on a rhodie blossomFlying above the clouds...Beating the heat eating her frosty paws ice cream while cooling off in her wading pool.  Soph's not spoiled at all...Enjoyed a little beach time this afternoon :)  Getting some morning jollyball in before it got to too hot...Portsmouth :)What a great frame these steps provideWas there a picnic here?  There must be scraps somewhere...So nice to finally see the sun again today... and just in time for planting my hanging baskets :)Bleeding heartsAzalea time...The forecast for the weekend isn't exactly picnic weather but try to enjoy anyway!  My kind of path :)Hoping those 2 trees are just late bloomers...  Toured Frank Lloyd's Wright's Zimmerman House in Manchester... this is the view of the backyard looking in.Sure glad I don't have to dress like this when I garden...The gun mount takes away from the tranquility just a little...Spring has sprung at Prescott Park in Portsmouth My brother Matt at Odiorne State Park, Rye NHNot exactly walking on water...And we have lift off...Fun with sprinkler settings...Love the delicate flowers of my phlox plants :)New grass behind & around the deck to the right really helps make the backyard:)Might be instant gratification but it sure was a lot of work getting these guys in place...Seeing the light through the trees :)Colorful lobster fishing ropeIf you have to prune the peach tree, you might as well enjoy the blossoms :)  Love the late afternoon sun in the breezewayAlways yard work to be done...  prepping for sod in part of the backyard :)Beautiful blue sky and peach tree blossoms - a perfect spring day!With a new umbrella, now we're ready for some alfresco dining :)  Red sky at night...  it's been sailor delight sunsets all week long :)70 years young today - Happy Birthday Mom!Is this how seagulls express that the water is cold?Sophie Brown...  and yellow.Forsythia season :)  After 6 weeks my left foot is finally back in a loose sneaker! AND the grass is growing like crazy :)Just reserved a week at the Boathouse in Corea, ME for a week again this summer. Such a unique and relaxing place!Late afternoon sunshine and shadows hitting some of the daffodils in the front gardenAlways fun to watch a surfer...The calendar says spring but the temperature says it's still time to make use of the fireplace...Sophie and her shadow - soaking up the sun on the sand.Looks like someone may want a new hat...The good guys win - Boston Strong!Family swimA night out away from non-stop media coverage but still remembering...Down to the last little bit of snow.  Killing me that I can't go and rake.Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by today's horrific explosions in Boston... words just can't expressSpring fights back :)  Not exactly enthusiastic with the wintry mix...Just when you thought it was spring...  Pansies from LAST spring are surprisingly somewhat still alive after a summer, fall and winter of neglectOne of my favorite signs of spring :)The whiskey barrel emerges at last...  winter greenery just a little flattenedSoph says snow piles be damned too - she's soaking up the sun regardlessSnow piles be damned... the front porch chairs are out of winter storage.Lone beach walker on a foggy beachSpring fever has me wishing we were back in Corea where even the coffee is extra energized :)Frankenstein shoe... and elevated foot.  Love the smooth beach rocksPutting today's cold, blustery day out of my mind and thinking of gentle summer winds...Colorful beach walker...Happy Easter!Someone's excited about getting a special treat...Oh yeah, starting to see a little grass :)Spring basket springing to life...Still enough snow around here for King of the Mountain...  Keeping a safe distance...It might still be winter outside but it's spring inside :)  Squirrel pull-ups.  Sadly, no reward courtesy of the Squirrel Buster Plus.Any more snow and the bird bath would be completely buried!Mmmm....snow.Like me, Soph loves the snow but even she's thinking enough already :)  Happy 1st Day of Spring!The crutches driveway clearing for me :(   Extremely thankful for a neighbor friend with a plow.Dalmation on the beachHappy St. Patrick's Day!Steve and Soph During my foot surgery tomorrow, I'm going to imagine I'm sitting here...Bird's eye view of the surfEyeing the bench...  looks like a good spot to me too Soph!Surfer at Long Sands Beach, York MaineAwesome walk along the Marginal Way today... and this was 2 hours after high tide!Jollyball is a little challenging in the heavy wet snow...That groundhog sure got it wrong...  no early spring around here!Camden HarborWait...  there's MORE snow on the way?!SophSomething so peaceful about a snowfall...Jump...It was definitely a snowy February :)Yup, definitely the heavy, wet, sticky kind of snow...More snow...  Almost looks like this poor little guy is shivering...  Today's blue sky didn't last long but it was gorgeous while it did.Love the winter wonderland snow :)  Co-existing peacefully :)  Moving in on the sneak attack of the bird feeder...Love my Mr. CardinalWinter seatingIce wadingDoesn't really look all that comfy with all those thornsSweet treat in celebration of Valentine's Day... cinnamon bun pancakes.  Decadent... and needless to say, there were leftovers.Camden hillsWinter in the harborThe back side of some Main Street shops in Camden.This is a little more along the lines of freedom in the snow that Soph prefers...not to mention a harbor viewI think Soph is feeling a little land locked these days...  Steve and I coming in for a landing...  The front man wears the bib; Steve suiting up for our big race.  Yup... definitely a blizzardPreparing for the blizzard in Camden, Maine1st visit to Camden was Oct 2010... heading back tomorrow to compete in the toboggan championships!The turkeys were back outside my office window on Tuesday no doubt contemplating the impending cover of new snow on the wayThe sun really is a star!Ice fishing hutPath to the sun?View out my office window last ThursdayIcy lady...Ice bar at the Bedford Village InnFoggy afternoonFresh snow... only to be followed by downpours of rain tomorrow :(Looking out at the afternoon snow through the front doorSensory overload...Continuing with the "think warm" theme...  Love the snow in winter but not the cold we've been having...  thinking of warmer days :)  Lighthouse :)  Thinking sunshine on these frigid days...Taking in the cool, crisp winter airPretty cool the way the sand is sitting on top of some of the rocks...Windy and a little cold at the beach Saturday but always a treat to visit...No other option... had to splish splash throughWinter with a little touch of fall...After the January thaw earlier this week, winter is back and beautiful...Mr. Cardinal stopped by for an afternoon snack in the snowSnow on the way tomorrow...  looking forward to more winter sceneryJanuary thaw... Minus the rider, this horse blends in pretty good with its surroundingsLate winter afternoon...Apres ski tonight :)  Happy 50th Pats Peak...A walk in the woods....Happy to have found where this owl landed after spotting it in flight during our hike yesterday.Fun winter hike at Beaver Brook todayHanging onIcicle lights and icicles...Soph and Matt out for a Christmas Eve walk in Matt's backyardBeautiful blue skyNew Year's Day Lunch at the BVI Tavern... Happy New Year!Enjoying one last night with Santa until next year...  Happy New Year's Eve!Yawn... the holidays can be so tiringApparently my brother lives next door to someone with ties to an Elvis impersonator...  Not a bad view from Matt's backyard in PAFinally, some snow!!Mom, Dad, Matt and I... Christmas Day 2012What'd ya get?!   Picture perfect Christmas Eve view from my brother's backyard in PAAll wrapped and ready...Have to applaud their stance...Not every day you see lobsters walking down the street...Starry, starry night...Filling in for Mother Nature...  Life imitating art...A dusting of snow creeping up on the stone dog on the porchGorgeous views from the Christmas tree farmOh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...Seems like a pretty cozy spot for Santa...Two of my favorite things - Christmas and the seaChristmas in a boat :)Starting to feel like Christmas... just missing the snow!Christmas car :)Cape Porpoise, ME Christmas tree Maine styleRipplesThis guy held a sardine can until the cannery went out of business...  now it's a lobster processing plantLike I said yesterday...  the way life should be :)I miss our Maine vacation... the way life should be.Tip toe-ingSoph sporting her new fleece - need to keep her "undercarriage" warm while her hair grows backA full church for my cousin Hunter's funeral today - a true testament to his character.  Gone suddenly and too soon, he will be missed!The birthday "boy"....Canadian geese Marsh at high tideSunset near the entrance of the Marginal WayWonder if we could get the geese to spell out a word...Flexing their wingsCozy night at home with the first fire of the seasonThankful for a sunset stop at the Marginal Way on our way home from Thanksgiving dinner :)Thankful that my Sophie Brown survived her October spleen scare... and for so much more :)It's almost turkey day....Rock star pansies.Who knew cats were beach-goers?Beach Plum, North Hampton NH - by the same chainsaw artist we got our little bear from :)  Think the geometric shapes that I didn't see when I took the picture are kinda cool...Not exactly singing...  more like making a racket!Ducks in a row :)Cider vinegar from the cider press down the street... gotta love country living :)Wells Beach waves two days after SandyGetting my copy of The Aden Effect autographed1st step of stair replacement on the deck is copper kickplate with Walshie and Claude lending a hand...Sophie can't keep up with her visitor Shaky who is quite the scotch drinker...Winter trying to steal fall's thunderThe whiskey barrel decorated for fall and Sophie BrownLet freedom ring...  off to go vote.Just a few stragglers left on the trees...BittersweetJonathan's in Ogunquit, ME takes it's fall decorating seriously.Man and Nature...Steve & Soph walking the Marginal Way yesterday.Wonder what the end result looked like...Post high tide, Sandy's still packing a punch in Maine on TuesdayThis was after high tide, pre-Sandy on Sunday afternoon; wish I could see it todayWish we could have stayed to watch the storm from here.  Beautiful spot...  Wasn't expecting to see horses on Long Sands Beach today...Front porch decorated for fall...  and SophieNew Boston's Great MeadowNot looking forward to the rest of those leaves falling...Soph's way of saying "enough reflecting, let's get back to the hiking"...  Past peak but Sunday was still a great day for a walkThe fall colors earlier in the weekSophie BrownSteve and the chainsaw artist who created the bearPetting Soph's snout?  Gorgeous fall day todaySunset over Schoodic PointYou know you're in hick town when you come across sights like this...I'd be a little nervous taking my car out there...even if it was low tide!Sunrise over the Marginal Way a few weeks agoBalancing BirdPortsmouth TugboatGot a kick out of these little guys at the Oar House in Portsmouth, NHLooking forward to more vacations with Sophie Brown - her biopsy came back cancer free!One season closer to ski season...  View from Norway HIll Orchard, Hancock NHNew Boston's Cider Press in action Wild turkeysThe patient resting comfortably at home. 4 pound spleen successfully removed along with softball sized tumor. My little beach girl.  Please think positive thoughts as she undergoes surgery to remove her spleen Thursday.Whaleback Light, Maine.  Marks the approach to Portsmouth Harbor, NHOne of the many houses I coveted during our boat tour over the weekend...  Great Egret The old Portsmouth, NH Naval PrisonMaine indeed...On the lookoutI miss vacation...Smell that ocean air :)Soph at Corea BeachLubec, MaineHead and feet down, wings out...  fly awaySoph & Steve... King of Schoodic HeadLooking down from Schoodic Head at duskBet that kayak has been out for some pretty great ridesMaine's rocky coast and beautiful blue water... Schoodic Penisula, Acadia National Park Me and Soph on the Bold Coast TrailGlasslike waterJordan Pond - Acadia National ParkIt's tough when you have a whole beach to yourself...West Quoddy Head - Easternmost point in the US - Lubec, MaineTaking a break on the Bold Coast Trail - Cutler, Maine9/11...  Never ForgetPhlox and a fenceGot bait?Rain danceWas captivated by these "little men" we saw at a gallery - until I found out their price - $9500It's like this guy thinks he's king or something...We were treated to a rainbow over Corea Harbor after the one short rain shower we had on vacationEastport, MaineWish every day could be a Schoodic Point day like while on vacation...Osprey nest Corea Harbor, MEDinner fresh off the boat - Corea Harbor, MECorea Harbor, MEI think Soph likes vacation as much as we do.Schoodic Point Canadian geese - Corea HarborVacation tranquility :)DriftwoodLeisurely strollNow that's a bright tube...Beautiful summer dayMom at the Nubble today A weekend ago it was pumpkins, this past weekend it's leaves changing colors..  is it fall already?!Mom and MeMom and Steve intently picking blueberries in the last half hour of the last day of picking at Berry Good FarmThe guy on the right is busy gathering supplies for the nest...  BullseyeView of Mt. Cardigan from the observatory at Carter Hill OrchardsLooks like this guy needs a face wash after dinnerYou'll be missed Johnny Pesky... Rest in Peace. Different farmstand....  and more hints of Fall....  August 12th.  Oh my...  August 11th and first pumpkin sighting alreadyCan't believe this 1 year old peach tree is bearing this much fruitShe posed in front of the black eyed susans too...  Was taking pictures of the flowers in the backyard garden and Soph unprompted posed here...I could go for a beach day right around now...Surprised at how well these transplanted this spring lilies are doing in their new spot behind the garageLove watching the hummingbird at workCrazy day weather wise but thankful for some much needed rainGuess there's no pot of gold at the end of this rainbowNice night at the golf courseBeautiful summer sunsetMentally preparing for my first golf lesson tomorrow...  and yes, I know the grass on golf courses is much shorterShe wasted no time in getting down to the birthday cake business...Happy 10th Birthday Soph!Curious about the crustaceans Burst of color with these phlox at Uncanoonuc Mtn PerennialsLooking forward to another visit to Acadia National Park and Sand Beach later this summer... My parents had to say goodbye to Abbey today.  Almost 16, she was definitely loved and will be missed.Tonight's harvest - the garden is cranking :)  Making the most of the dog days of summer :)Standing guard on the chimneyWorking the blue globe thistleNight lighting inside the Boston Public LibraryBoston Public LibraryRogue lily in the garden... no idea where it came from The peaches are coming right along :)Looks like a little finger drumming is happening...  I think this flower is up to something.Catnapping in a garden at Uncanoonuc Mt. PerennialsLots of cuke blossoms :)  A little early evening swim...Unfazed...  on both human and seagull side.Another sunset photo from Sunday night... made for a beautiful ride home.Who needs a bat boy when you have a bat dog?  Guess these folks make the seagulls "fly for fries"... Pretty nice view crossing the bridge from Maine to NH tonightBeautiful night on the beach tonightJacoby rehabbing with the Sea Dogs vs. the Fisher Cats in Manchester last nightMorning jetty walkersHappy 4th of July!Torch and Perkins  CoveHappy dog...The flowers are starting to fill in :)Tide going out as the sun lowers in the skyBirthday dinner outside :)  Family swim...  Glimpses of sunshine :)Prime seating...Man, Motor and Maine Fisherman in Perkins Cove hoisting up a tunaLiving on the edge (of a patio block)...  Soph laughing because she doesn't have to spread the 8 yards of mulch in the background... Happy Summer :)I'm sure Sophie is wishing she was at the beach this week...Strutting his stuff...  at the local farm/ice cream stand no less.  Mama and her babiesNothing like fresh strawberries... absolutely delicious!  Rooftop perchIs all that white stuff what I think it is?Moody Beach, MaineSophieI hated to cut them but love, love, love them in a vase (and the rain was going to ruin them anyway).Peony in bloom :)  Cohasset Harbor3rd nest I've discovered in the past few days :)At Billy and Kelly's wedding tonightMoving in on the sweet nectar of the peony...A little splash of purplePerfect Maine weathervaneHere's to hoping beach weather returns soon :)Love the personality of the rock to the left of the boatBeach roses and Nubble LightSoph having some fun at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park last MayGolf course benchComfortably perched Soph at Nubble LightFlags to remember and beach to celebrate... Happy Memorial Day!Hard work Saturday let to Play Sunday...Hard at work with one of our many summer projects...Ready, Set, Grow...  This scene totally calls for a blanket and a napYear 2 with the peach tree and if all the peaches survive, it'll be LOADED...  Pledging allegiance?From sniffing around to lounging aroundSniffing around... The driveway is now sealed.  One job I'm VERY happy to have had professionals do...  Iris time :)  Like the bright orange...Not so much into the wading when the waves roll in...Wading seagullNever did see the mystery flyer behind this kite...  Beach walks make Sophie Brown very happyAnd the 2nd act of the circus in the backyard... acrobatic squirrelI haven't actually seen one bathe, but the mourning doves seem to always be on the edgeGlad for all the recent rain because we need it but happy to see the sun again...Future tightrope walker?Mr. Cardinal hanging out in the rain...Pretty sky Sunday night at duskLazy Sunday afternoon for SophieBeautiful picnic spotAlso very much looking forward to a return stay at "The Boathouse" in Corea Harbor, MaineLooking forward to another road trip to Acadia National Park this summer :)  The spring birds have been chowing down the seed... Have to keep filling the feeder every few days!Big boats stay in the harbor, little guys in the grass :)Beautiful blue sky and spring blossoms :)Enjoyed walking the garden paths at Uncanoonic Mtn Perennials today - beautiful!The grass we labored over last summer is looking good this spring.  Makes for a pretty view out the breezeway too :)Crescent moon and new leaves on the treesGot to see one of my favorite sights at the game last week - Big Papi crossing home plate after a homer :)Yaz, Rice and Fisk catching the ceremonial first pitchesTito thanking the crowd for thanking him!Safe at 2nd Tek, Wakefield and Big Papi escorting Johnny Pesky and Bobby Doerr to the infield at Fenway's 100thCheers to Fenway's 100th anniversary!Happy 100th Fenway!More spring color :)What great colors if only we liked tomatoes or would spring the big bucks for red peppersPeach blossoms up closePeach blossoms came to life today :)  Wish the yellow could last longer...  Soph is looking a little depressed after the Bruins loss today...Love an empty beach...Our homemade vanilla extract bottled up along with re-bottled local maple syrup :)Soph on our Maine vacation last May. I think she wants to go back. Looks a little haunting...  Love the blossoms of springSpringing back to life and adding a nice touch of colorHappy Easter!Going, going, gone...How do I get one of those houses?!DaffodilCanadian SpringActually it's Maine...  very curious...Dog laundry :)  Robin and branchesKeeping watchNeighbor's cat making himself at home in my backyard...Sign of springThe bell at the old fire station in Wells, MaineEven a gray day at the ocean is better than no day at the oceanMaple syrup timeThere's usually snow in the background during Maple Weekend in NH; this year it's blooming forsythiaWith all the warm sunshine, only took a few days for these guys to bloomToken temperature picture...86 degrees at 5:30 pm on March 22nd is hard to believe!  Spring has sprung...At the rate we're going there will be buds on the trees in no time...Happy Spring!Windows still open at 7:00 pm March 18th... this weather is crazy!Reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe Almost time to get my hands dirty in yardwork again...Sometimes I think the jollyball is glued to Sophie's mouth...The red winged blackbirds are making their appearanceWater snake?With today's spring like temps, I'm sure even Soph was thinking back on last May's vacationSeems a little early for these guys to be poking their heads out...Fishin' dog...Not quite birdbath weather but it came close...Today's temps melted a lot of this snow from last week...Last Thursday a snowstorm, this Thursday temps in the 60's...Bird... or angel?  Melting icicles Before the meltdown...Finally looks like winter out there...  just in time for spring!Mr Cardinal weathering the snow...Someone's having fun in the snow...  Oh, should I not be up here?  Busted...Wells Harbor summer sunset...  Looks like my robin friend is sticking around...First robin sighting of the winterSteve thinks adding Peeps to "World Class Cocoa" kicks it up a notch.... I'm not so sure :)Soph & Steve walking the beachWells Beach jettyComing in for a landing...Ice chunks on the shore of Scobie PondA dusting of snow overnight keeps the feel of winter at least a little aliveBeautiful blue sky and empty beach :)  Floating on air...Contemplating taking a dip?So intricate...Happy Valentine's Day!A sunny but brutally cold walk on the beach...Kate and her Minnie Mouse cakeMaine...Not sure I'd feel entirely safe out on that ice given the mild winter we've had...Could really go for another vacation like this one from last May right about now...Not exactly what I was looking to attract to the backyard...Little guy hanging out on a stone wall in the backyardSoph taking in the game...Pair of bluejaysSoph's new favorite sitting place... or maybe it's her yoga matGroundhog says 6 more weeks of winter. Hardly seen any of this so far this year...Helping himself to some holly berries...Mr. Cardinal :)Late afternoon walk to the pondStretching it out...Acrobatic little bugger...Lots of equipment for Friday nights band at the local tavern...Looks like perch readjustment is in order after this guy's visitBlue jay on a branchJust hanging outOut for a little stroll...FrostRed head...Snack timeIcy hydrangeaTree huggersThe cast of characters is growing... the woodpeckers are back tooLots of blues in these jays...Sunday Mass for a squirrel :)  2 buddies hunting for food in the snowVery happy to see Lady Cardinal back at the feeder - it's been a while!That's a little more like winter in New England :)  Quick, scatter...Who knew there were so many candidates?!Apres Ski after a great night of skiing under the full moon at Pats Peak tonightSophTonight's moonChubby little squirrelBeautiful brisk and sunny day at Scobie PondWhat better day to get wood delivered than the coldest day of the season so far? Lots of heat in stacking! Soph's got it pretty rough...  Post holiday depression or just bummed that the dog bed cover is in the wash?  And now for the season of needles everywhere...Bird sheet music?Trying to test out my new camera and my subjects were less than cooperative...Battle between warm and cold on Scobie PondHanging out under the treeLots of color in Christmas Eve's sunriseSophie Brown around Christmas last year when there was lots of snow...Merry Christmas!A little bit of a tease... but enough to make it feel like ChristmasHappy Holidays!Santa ornamentHo, ho, ho...2 feet of snow in October and hardly a flake since... i want a White Christmas!Sand dollar ornamentPretty good balance...Garage wreath :)Ocean breeze...Lone boatRocks and wavesMoon through the treesThe porch is all decked out and just waiting for Santa...Now we just need a little snow to finish off the holiday look...Sunset and a steepleFestive tree :)Winter wonderland waterContemplationLL Bean fireplaceSophie Santa and some wavesSanta in the beach grassHappy December!  Lights at LL BeanRainbow trout at LL Bean in FreeportSoph in the seagrassDay after a storm waves.... and lots of pretty bluesChurning out the waves after a stormKicking off the holiday season with a visit to LL Bean on Thanksgiving EveHappy Thanksgiving!Enjoying a quiet afternoon walk on the beachA "hole" lot of sunshine :)Cleared of leaves, it's good to see signs of promise with the lawn that was so bad this summer. Still has a way to go but I'm putting my faith in neSoaking up the sunshineLots of reflection going on here... leaves, the house across the street, the stone dog and Soph checking it all outThink it's safe to dismantle yet?  Hard to believe that it's almost time to swap out the corn for the Christmas wreathI think it's safe to say they're obeying the speed limit...Little drops of sunshineFall pastels?Manchester mounted police... hard to tell but those were some big horses!A foggy morning walk on the new Manchester Airport access road prior to it being opened up to trafficLooks like somebody lost a boot"Just because" roses are the best roses :)A touch of winter on a beautiful fall dayMore fall beauty mixed with snowThe snow is actually a really pretty backdrop for the autumn leaves...Wonder what this is all about...Yes Sophie, I'm coming...A lunchtime walk on the beach in Maine made having no power at home not so bad. Soph looking pretty small in all the snow...Winter meets fallHappy Halloween!Almost 2 feet of October snow!Early into the storm, the snow is already sticking... too many leaves still on the trees for this!Just as the leaves starting falling, so did the snow...Soph loves hanging out in front of the door just looking outPlovers and a rainbowNothing says fall like pumpkins and giant bags of potatoesNot quite a big fluffy pile but Soph seems to be enjoying the leavesBiddeford Pool, MaineOld Orchard Beach ferris wheelThe pier at Old Orchard Beach, MaineLove all the nature going on - the sky, the waves, the seagull... and the surferHorses at Chase Farm, Wells MaineHancock, NHBiddeford Pool, MaineBiddeford Pool, MaineThese surfers were singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" as they made their way out to the wavesThe reds of fallSoph enjoying a fall afternoon on the shored raft at Scobie PondBring on the color!Scobie Pond taking on the reflection of the sky late this afternoon.. Beautiful spot for this house to be nestled in at Gould Hill OrchardsScobie Pond on a gorgeous summer-like fall day Busy little beeSince the weekend temps are going to be more like spring/summer than fall figured I'd post a spring photo :)  DownEast Maine in May...Loving the new front porch not only for sitting but for decorating :)  Nature's beautyLooking forward to the sun's return...  depressing looking out at this all the time!Daddy longlegs making himself nice and cozy on the porch chair pillow...  What?Enough rain! No fun driving out of the garage into the giant puddle and all the rain keeps delaying the paving!Brilliant sun the day after rain... here's hoping it'll help sprout the grass under the strawSox Home Opener - Baltimore in 1st place, Tampa in last...  both Sox post season killers...The tomatoes are still coming...  taking their time to turn red, but they're coming...Gazing off into the distanceStanding guardCan't we just go back to the hopefulness of Opening Day?!Seems a little ominous...The geranium in the window totally caught my eye :)  Sophie as a statue?Smiling Soph :)The haunted corn maze looks innocent enough with the deep blue sky but I bet it\'s a different story at nightPicture perfect day for picking applesFall Harvest... everything you could want...The pumpkins and gourds seem to get crazier every yearFisherman still stands guard at the nation's last sardine cannery even though it closed in 2010, Prospect Harbor MEWells Harbor, MELate summer afternoonSticking her head out...Soph on her maiden kayak adventureGod Bless America!  Found this crazy creature on the tomato plant this morning... a tomato hornbug... Wake up call that Fall is right around the cornerNew grass in the backyard is coming in nicely...Seagulls just taking it easy...Nice night on the golf course Sunday...Soph breaking the stillnessStill waters on Scobie Pond last nightHappy as a pig in mud :)Pig PileNot too long and these apple crates will be fullGuess this is how a toad hunkers down for a stormThe peach trees are loaded! The calm before the storm... peach picking at Carter Hill.. apples soon!There's a little family of toads living in the window well... didn't get Dad and another baby in the photoLittle Emma and all her hair :)Hard to get a good shot of this guy through his cage but couldn't resist tryingOld Testament rain came fast and furiously... looks like the driveway regrading and paving needs to be done sooner rather than later.Stormy afternoon...  just a little dark for 3:00Not too bad for the peach tree's first year I like when I find bird nests in my trees and bushes; not liking this so much...Love this time of day...The new grass is growing :)Sure could go for a day like this...Can only imagine what the inside of this house looks like...Taking it easy...A Fenway favorite of Jack's... ice cream in the helmetSteve and Soph taking it easy during our vacation back in MayEmma trying to shield her head from the rain atop Jiminy PeakJack at the family reunion making himself very comfortable at the lemonade stationJack and Emma  in the rain on top of Jiminy Peak at our family reunionWith my cousins Sue and Sarah at our Family Reunion SaturdayEllsbury and PedroiaLoving his first visit to Fenway ParkJack and Emma's first Sox game!HeronLooks like this boat has a few followers....New backyard area - prepped and ready for grass!Steve practicing in the bobcat with peastone before moving on to the loam Sophie snubbing Birthday #9Happy 9th Birthday Sophie Brown!Taking in the ocean airGotta love the quiet of morning at the far end of Long Sands BeachSoph testing out the sleepability of the new breezeway additionSmile... Green Beans AND cukes!Green Beans!Sunflowers!Pretty peaceful spotLifeguard chair at favorite time to be at the beachLip smacking good salt water...  luckily not enough to make her sick :)Life IS good...  Came across this walking the beach yesterday morning :)Mama and her babiesA second nest in the yard with hungry little birds :)Butterfly in the daisiesGetting there - siding is finished!Soph's inspection of the room above the garage got the tongue out approvalThis zucchini plant is outta control...Here come the cukes!2nd of 2 hot air balloons that floated over the neighborhood this morningHard to get a good shot of these little guys - Mama built the nest way up high in the treeBalancing Rock in the fog - Bar Harbor, MaineBalancing Rock - Bar Harbor, Maine.  High tides, low tides, big storms, the rock never budges...Star spangledHappy 4th!Annapolis, MDStarting off the long weekend relaxing on the still under construction porch... wide step the length of the porch and decking still to come :)Discovered another bird's nest in the yard :)Enjoyed this nice little outside dining spot for my birthday dinnerThe garage is really starting to take shape!City Dock - Annapolis, MDMama bird sitting in her nest...An early birthday present :)This Bar Harbor ice cream shop actually had lobster flavored ice creamIt might be a pizza joint but it's really all about the lobster in MaineLove the things you see in people's yards in MainePair of peaches on our new peach tree :)  Strawberry picking time!Sand Beach, Acadia National ParkAnother foggy scene from vacation in Corea, MaineBar Harbor, MaineSoph is most definitely an ocean dogI bet this ride is a lot more fun on the way downLooking down from Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National ParkLamoine State Park, Downeast MaineNice wheels...Out for a family walkReflectionsThe basil must seem like trees to this little guyCareful!  Pretty...Lindsay and James... Mr. and Mrs.Corea Harbor, Maine at dusk on a foggy dayCorea Harbor, Maine at dusk on a sunny dayNature dwarfing man...At the summit of Cadillac MountainCadillac Mountain Acadia National Park - absolutely beautiful 360 degree viewsHappy Memorial Day!Acadia National Park - views like this everywhere!Bar Harbor, MaineBay of Fundy, New Brunswick CanadaSophie at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Lubec Maine - the easternmost point in the USAcadia National Park on the Schoodic PeninsulaLots of pretty scenery in downeast MaineView out the kitchen windowThe Boathouse in Corea, Maine... home away from home for a weekRapture eyes?Soph's Maine vacation accessories :)It's lilac season2 ducks swimming away from another foggy, rainy dayTed Williams, Johnny Pesky, Bobby Doerr and Dom DiMaggio in bronzeBring on the greenReady, set, go...Soph's been sporting her Bruins collar throughout the playoffs - let's hope it keeps working!Cattail stick 'em upWish the trees could keep their spring blossoms all year roundThis makes me want a vacation...Rain soaked rose Happy Mother's Day from the heart :)Planted a few of our herbs last weekend...maybe some more this weekend :)Blossom on our new peach treeMy new rose bush is getting a good soaking with today's rainMust be lots of good stuff in that dead branch cause this guy makes quite a racket on itSpring yellows bringing the yard to life :)The bounty of a Sunday morning yard supplies run - complete with peach tree hanging out the windowRain recoveryFrogManCaught in the act... no wonder the feeder is empty3 of the many Easter day surfersSurfers waiting for the Marginal Way waves Soph visiting the ocean during our Easter trip to MaineEaster snow?!Turkeys everywhere these daysMr. and Mrs. out for their evening swimShowing some signs of life :)Can't wait for the drab colors to soon turn greenDaffodil time :)Soph enjoying some outside timeOn the move...Apparently Mr. Squirrel stashed acorns in the flower box...Soph smells SpringI think the smell of sausages on Yawkey Way is making this guy hungryFenway reflectionsThat's what I'm going with...Dare to dream :)Fenway Home Opener FlyoverWally is getting seriously dizzy...  cmon Sox...Waiting for SpringFinches in the snowAnd the iPhone makes it official... I\'m now an Apple girl.A little spring time color in the snowComing in for a landing during yesterday's April Fools Day snowstormAlmost 2 weeks with my new Murano and I'm officially a fan of the Crossover :)  Hope these little guys are ready for another foot of snow...  Soph no doubt wishing she was out running on the beach...Looks like these old bikes are facing the wrong directionOld timer bunny in Peterborough store windowMoon rising over the Nubble notchSeagulls in the sandStepping in unisonJust after sunset on the night of the supermoonSand, water, sky and tree at duskMaple Syrup time...Super Moon and it's reflective light on the oceanSupermoon rising...Winter sunsetLooking forward to spring and flowersHappy Green Beer Day!  Or beer in green packaging day...Hillside showing some grass :)Sophie BrownThe woodpile acorn bandit...Even on an overcast day, I could sit and watch this view of the Marginal Way waves foreverWinter scene in MaineWave cascading over a rockFestive lights at Cape PorpoiseMarginal Way surferWalker's Point, the Bush Estate - Kennebunkport, MaineCape Porpoise, MaineCape Porpoise Harbor, MaineThink SpringChubby robinRobin in a snow squallSuprise roses are the best :)Icy perchPass the sunscreen pleaseNaptime with her monkeyMore winter wonderland snowI see an eye and forehead in this one.  Right side of photo on top of the middle log...Ghost in the Fire?  Oz maybe?Perkins Cove and Seagull Bright orange full moon the other nightIt was a pretty blustery weekendThought the crooked tree was pretty coolPrancerFrancestown, NHSoph running the snow path First robin sighting of the winter :)  Statue at Patriot's Place, Foxboro MAHappy Valentine's Day!Had fun reconnecting with St. A's friends Friday nightSnow-wrecked?Lady cardinal on a snowy branchSoph enjoying a winter day on the empty beachIt was short lived but finally some winter wonderland snow!Have a seat...A little fun in all the snow...Snowbanks, snowbanks, snowbanks... they're everywhere!Fence at duskAfter 2 days of snow it was nice to see blue skyJust another snowy Wednesday...Looking out to the Marginal Way from Perkins Cove Lone surfer on a cold January afternoonIcy marsh at low tide in Wells, Maine yesterdayHappy 4th Birthday Emma!It's amazing the things Soph will do when there's a treat involvedPicture perfect sky yesterdaynight iciclesJust a little bit cold out there...Looks like I stumbled upon a colorful bonfire site...  Sure hope the occupants of this nest flew south for the winter ;)A little jolly ball action for Sophie in the driveway yesterday...snow in the yard is too deep for her to runMore snow yesterdaySomebody get this poor squirrel a nutStep, Lick some snow, Step...Weathering the snow for snack timePurple Mountain MajestyPretty tall snowbanks these daysLove Friday night live music at the local tavernLooks like this car has weathered quite a few wintersThis is why I keep my wreaths up for a little while after ChristmasPost snow removalSophie didn't venture out far this morning...Love my Mr. CardinalSoaking in 11:11 on 1/11/11Sand fence and the beachSand fencingBlue skies and a little snow still on the groundTiptoe SeagullNew Year's Eve day at Nubble LightMom and Dad at Nubble LightHappy New Year!Snow and jollyball... Soph is loving winter.A very Merry Christmas indeed :)  Now it's looking a little like winter...A little blustery out there...  My brother Matt enjoying the New England snowSophie and her Christmas lootNot a creature was stirring...It's not much, but finally a little snow :)It's almost time...Thinking of my brother's dog Murphy who joined Benny & Casey Jones in doggie heaven yesterday.Of the 3 Christmas trees in the house, this is my favorite.   If only Santa would bring me the beach house to put it in...Sophie getting comfy on her new dog bed... an early Christmas present :)  Ho, Ho, Ho...Old time cars at Yankee CandleShe might be cold but at least she's in the holiday spirit....Ever wonder what's inside a Byers Choice Caroler?Where the heck is the snow????  Another photo from Chistmas on Main Street StockbridgeCut down our tree yesterday :)  CarolersNorman Rockwell's StudioSoph and Sherm and the wooly boneHere comes Santa Claus!Back in time on Main Street Stockbridge, MAStockbridge - Main Street at ChristmasJack's happy too :)A little happier than the poutThe waning crescent moon was pretty cool looking yesterday morningDecember might be a good time to remind Emma that she better not pout...Just a few more days now...Coordinating clam and leafSoph was very clam curious...Pretty still ocean... not a wave in sightLobster trap Christmas treeThe Nubble's ready for Christmas... wish they'd put a wreath on the lighthouse too...Came across this on our post Thanksgiving dinner walk and couldn't help but wonder how the holiday was going for that familyIt's not Thanksgiving without nuts...Sunday night's blue moon through the treesBrisk Fall morning walk over the Ogunquit footbridgeYou may kiss the bride...At Sarah and JP's weddingThe moon 2 nights before being blue...Wild turkeys heading for the hillsHandyman special?Picnic, anyone?November trees at duskRoses :)  JackEmma has my same concentration move when shooting foul shots - sticking out the tongue :)Portsmouth, NHHappy Veteran's Day!Chattanooga Choo Choo CarEmma and her pumpkinThe Chattanooga Choo-Choo!Jack and Emma being Jack and Emma... with Aunt BeckyEmma and JackDusk in Perkins CoveSmile...What a beautiful vantage point....  sunny or stormy...  Another fall sunset....  Guess this kayaker needed a little breakHappy Halloween!Hate that it's getting dark on the ride home from work but love seeing the sunsetsPast peak but still pretty...Lawn blanketNever realized how much the trees dwarfed my chairs...Autumn yellowsNothing like an early morning walk on the beachThe back porch of the Mt. Washington HotelSophie BrownSilver Cascades Waterfall, Crawford Notch, NHLate afternoon settling in over Cape Neddick, MaineTired harbor dogPemiquid PointPemiquid Point Lighthouse - Bristol, MaineWatching the waves at the Marginal Way, Ogunquit MaineCamden HarborSophie enjoying the view of Camden from Camden Hills State Park, MaineCamden, MaineWells, Maine fall foliageThe American (pumpkin) Chunker... they measure in miles not feet. A little past peak but still a beautiul place to sit...Fall day in the White Mountains X legsFuneral procession?Fall hydrangeasSquirrel in the shadowsFishingChauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point MEFox on the course yesterday at York Golf & Tennis Club, Maine.Action PiggiesHappy October!Swimming SwanLots of different tree stages at Alyson's OrchardTeddy McIntosh is an odd looking character. View of the Connecticut River Valley from Alyson's Orchard in Walpole, NH Looking up toward Alyson's Orchard, Walpole NHHalibut Point, Rockport MAThe harvest moon and Jupiter (the tiny little dot at the bottom)Time for autumn choresRockport, MAScenic studying at Halibut State Park, Rockport MARockport's Motif # 1Halibut Point, Rockport MA late yesterday afternoonThere's just something about sun and water...Post swim and looking for another game of fetchSophie enjoying the waning rays of summer last night at Scobie PondFall is starting to creep in...  Trace Adkins... from the Toby Keith/Trace Adkins concert last weekFeel of fall in the kitchen yesterdayToby Keith and Trace Adkins honoring a veteran during their American Ride tour stop in Manchester Thursday nightNashville's "bat building"These guys are non-stop...  Soaking up the sun...Perfect day for picking apples yesterday... plenty of macs to go aroundEnd of strawberry daiquiry season... and the Sox season for that matter too :(Have a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!Trying their best to beat the heatThe farm stands are saying Fall but with temps in the 90's all week, Mother Nature says summer's not over yet...Enjoying lots of fresh cukes from the garden this summer :)Apple trees at Carter HillBeautiful blue sky and a sunflower... what a combination. Carter Hill Orchard  in Concord has beaufiul views of Mt. Moosilauke and Mt. CardiganPicked peaches at Carter Hill Orchard in Concord, NH yesterdayDigging piggyLooking out at Nubble Light from Long Sands beach in York, MEAfter 4 days of rain, welcome as it is, I'm thinking it's time for beach umbrellas instead...Houseguest Sherman making himself right at home...Can't say the same for my lawn, but at least my petunias are happy this summer...Butterfly action in the petunias...The full yoga position is reserved for begging.A little jolly ball combined with a little yogaOld beach fenceView from Fort McClaryFort McClary Block House, Kittery Point, MaineCool August night on the beachSaturday night at Long Sands Beach - York, MEBattle re-enactment at Fort McClary in Kittery, MEFree fallingI don't know if it's because of the hairdo or the look but I couldn't help but feel sorry for this guyHummingbird resting on a string of lights on the deckWishing I was here today... sure could use a beach day.Even though they look fake, these are real sunflowersCeremonial First Puck?  Monarchs mascot Max at the Fisher Cats game yesterdayMy brother's dog Riley enjoying the dog days of summerLow tide  along Maine's rocky coastFlag and  boat - Wellfleet, MASure could use a little rainSophie  Brown at Scobie PondFirst ripe tomato of the seasonProvincetown, MA TowerSophie's begging routine now includes yoga.  Low tideCape Cod seagullLicking the plate clean from the cake for her 8th birthdaySailboat and sea grassDeath March to and from the beachProvincetown fishing boatCahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet MALove people (and dog) watching early morning on the beach...Old Ironsides and the Bunker Hill MonumentFountain and the Capital Building in BostonMore cool cloudsCool colored clouds the other night as a storm blew overAnd then there's WILD Emma :)The serious side of Emma...On the rocksCheeseburger almost as big as Jack's head...Well traveled suitcase at the Atlanta, GA AirportComing in for a landing at Boston's Logan AirportNantucket... in Boston HarborLove summer nights on the deckSophie and Sherman anxiously awaiting the frisbee throw...  Bottling the recently brewed "Iceberg Pale Ale" inspired by one of the photos from our Newfoundland trip.From Monday's races at Suffolk DownsLots of scenes like this in Boston on 4th of July weekendLobster boat passing by Spectacle Island, Boston HarborLooking back at Boston after pulling out into the harbor5th of July cruise on Boston Harbor4th of July fireworks... without a tripod...Uninvited guest in Sophie's pool; I had to rescue the poor little guyMama and 3 of her ducklings; Papa doing his own thing in the backgroundMake way for ducklingsEmma and JackJack Blowing out the candles... with a little help from Emma and JackOn the boat with EmmaBeach roses...Jack and RileyJack and Emma hunting for firefliesSophie Brown on an ocean walkway in Wells, MEWildflowersFrom the summit of Maine's Mount Agamenticus...wish it had been a clearer day but still a prety view.Cormorants Starting the day with a walk on the beach... the way life should be :)Indeed it is...  Sky trying to clear after another rainy Saturday...The first pea pods in the garden!Happy Flag Day!Peonies bouquetImitation is the sincerest form of flattery...Dogs running the beach at sunriseStella D'oro DayliliesObsessed...can't help itThey're getting closer to full bloom... I think Sophie likes them as much as I do - she keeps posing for me in front of them.Cut peony... my absolute favorite flowerI swear this little guy is haunting me...Kind of reminds me of a Monet...Soph and the first of my peony bloomsLet the wrapping around the bean pole begin...Dog meet mouse, mouse meet dog...  I think both were equally frightenedEnjoying the unofficial start of summer in MaineHappy Memorial Day!Ladder to nowhere... and a stray duck from the duck raceEarly morning fishingMy first daisy of the springStatue in the north gardens at Middleton Place Plantation, SCSpanish moss in the breezeTurns out there were 2 baby mice in that flower pot too...  Look what I found in one of my flower crocks that was stored away for the winter... Wagon wheelsNot a bad little spot for a nap...Seagulls at Carolina dawnSophie spending a rainy morning on the couchWindow back in time?    Frye's Measure Mill - water powered since the 1850'sTable for two...  One of the outdoor decorations at Frye's Measure Mill Wilton, NH Female cardinalCame across this pretty spot in Wilton, NH on a Sunday afternoon driveA full size view of the Buddha outside the Summer ShackLove the Buddha reminder of the Summer Shack's history as a Chinese restaurantPurgatory Falls, Lyndeborough NHSox/Yankees entertainment Friday night...Pre-game Sox/Yankees... while it was still fun...  Feeding finchesSaying grace?Middleton Place PlantationBeautiful path along the azaleas...Perfect spot for a little reflection...Middleton Place Plantation horse and carriageA close up of my neighbor's wandering chickensQuite the gathering...Rush hour traffic on my street now that my neighbors have chickens...Lots of spring color...A little spring color...Folly Beach, SC Sophie checking out the forsythia...So ready for windowbox flowers like these beautiful ones I saw in CharlestonCarolina moon over the pierGotta love Spring...Swan and neck reflectionCharleston flowers add to even the starkest placesMiddleton Place PlantationDawn at Isle of Palms, SCCarolina watchdogs... complete with sunglasses and hatsCharleston sweetgrass basketsRainbow Row - Charleston, SCSunset dolphinSpanish moss and azaleas at Middleton PlantationIsle of Palms, SC sunrise at pierThe Angel Oak, Johns's Island SC - estimated to be over 1500 years old.Got a kick out of this warning...  Nothing says Spring like daffodils and raindrops...Waiting for her people to come sit in the chairs...Bet this guy had a real tough day at the beach...Not a cloud in the sky...A gorgeous day for a late afternoon walk on the beach after Easter dinnerHappy Easter!The water is still really moving alongPokey Porcupine...  this guy sure takes his time...Scobie Pond spilling out into and destroying part of Scoby Road, FrancestownNew landscape feature courtesy of the rain... a nice little pond... It's boiling time at the maple sugar shacks.Springtime in New England... The latest backyard visitor... good thing I saw Porky Porcupine before Sophie did.  More moving water...Talk about March Madness... how great  a spot is this for some hoop action?Can't believe I already have daffodils buds!All this rain really has the river moving...Celebrated the arrival of Spring with my favorite vegetable... grilled asparagus!Definitely some intersting characters at the Pond SkimAt Pats Peak Annual Pond Skim yesterday...Nothing like fresh flowers to make a girl's day...Not really liking what the melted snow is revealing...Shouldn't 2 days of pouring rain and unseasonable warm temps have melted this?  And this wasn't even a snowy winter...Sophie sporting her St. Patrick's Day collar...2 days of pouring rain makes for high water in New Boston...Looking out at North Adams from the Mohawk TrailAnother view from the Mohawk TrailMohawk Trail - one of the many views...Bookend squirrelsNice hairdo......and we have lift offSunset... view from the plane on my way homeSunrise on my way to the AISF conference on FridayWhy you should never feed seagulls...Seashells along Ft. Lauderdale BeachAnother cool and breezy day in FL but at least the skies were nice and blue...Ft Lauderdale Beach late yesterday afternoon - cold FL temps make for a quiet beach!Portland HeadLots of action at the bird feeder latelyCardinals!Another common NH site the past couple of days...Trees down everywhere after Thursday night's wind storm... Disappearing DeckMy dogwood tree is shaped more a like a japanese maple this morning...  At the ready...A nice spot for a picnic...Eider ducks... and a female MallardPerkins CoveMaine's rocky coastBasking in the sun...Cape Elizabeth, MaineHarlequin Duck making a Valentine's Day appearance along Ogunquit's Marginal WayPortland Head Lighthouse...  Cape Elizabeth, MaineHappy Valentine's Day!Sophie can touch her nose with her tongue; can you?If it's not going to snow this winter, can we fast-forward to summer?  Even Sophie loves the beach...Dawn...  Ducks!Thinking of my Casey Jones on his 3rd anniversary...Post sunset skyAre they trying for form an arrow?Nantucket's other nectar...  Ocean action...Branch barrier...  sigh...  These 2 cardinals had a lot of fun playing hide and seek with me...Piscataquog River ice jamsSpent all day yesterday painting the living room - still have to do the molding - and the rest of the house...Soph  keeping warm...Sophie and her little bearWaiting out the winter... Sophie looking out at Scobie Pond and restraining herself...Winter activity on Scobie PondA day of pouring rain reveals a big patch of grassThis little guy hit the jackpot... with a little help from the sloppy birdsLight in the clouds...Another peaceful snowy scene3 days after the snow the trees are still sporting the winter wonderland look...After the snow comes the blue sky...Fresh snow... so peacefulForget the January thaw; winter's back!January thawYesterday's sun and a snow covered Scobie PondEasy does it...Late afternoon sun and the ocean... a beautiful combinationFlying VCan't believe this resting seagull let me get so close...Moon at dusk...Pig saladSophie and her good luck Pats bandana... they're going to need all the help they can get today...Home really is where the dog is... a nice and cozy SophieWinter Wally...  he needs a coat!SnoutballSnowy weekend made for a pretty ride...If I sit still and nice and pretty, will you please throw the snowball?The rink at Fenway...Fenway in Winter... at the Legends Classic.Sophie enjoying last night's snowfallNew Year's Eve scallops...mmmmSpent all day yesterday painting the living room - still have to do the molding - and the rest of the house...Soaring into 2010...  Happy New Year's Eve! Sophie and her new wooly boneSnow dusted hollyA big thank you to my brother Matt for the Squirrel Buster Plus Bird feeder!  I think Sophie's Santa'd out...  Christmas night... can't see them here but there were even a few snowflakes in the air :)Merry Christmas!Sophie SantaA little holiday lighting in my office... not quite up to par with those entering the decorating contest but fun nonetheless...Sanctuary Shoppe in Ogunquit, MEChristmas tree bearMy childhood sled...Nantucket schoonerSophie and my old sled...Woman on a Nantucket beach in September...Sophie in the snowSnowman... made of hayMore snow yesterday...Nubble Light's lights...  York, MEMy hydrangea tree dwarfed by its surroundings and snow...Decorating the dog...  Winter WonderlandSnowphie... Bringing home the Christmas tree...Loved the view out the windows yesterday...Christmas trees... and a warming fire in the snowLet it snow... after record breaking warmth...Yesterday had me remembering September's Nantucket beach days... it was just as warm!Crashing waveLast night's full moonPretty fancy lighting at the Wang Theatre...Nice wine display at Mortons, BostonEnjoyed the lights on our walk to Boston's Wang Theatre last nightEnjoying the nice long weekend...Marginal Way, Ogunquit MEHappy Thanksgiving!Tree frame... before all the leaves fell...Sophie BrownLove watching my birds...Miss China...  in NantucketStruggling to keep her eyes open...Christmas trees ARE coming... in fact, they're here...  Frostyball...Nantucket ladySeagull at sunsetSunset through the leaf-less trees in my backyardThis guy needs some fattening up for winter...Bird watching time...  Sophie and her shadow...Another of my barnyard friendsHappy Veteran's Day!Camden Yards statue honoring Baltimore native  Babe RuthCamden Yards on a quiet November Sunday afternoonBeach grass at duskSophie  BrownBeach walker...And it's already been cleared once...  Richmond, VA - near the Canal WalkSaint James River - Richmond, VANot taking any chances this hunting season...Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween Eve!Norway Hill Apple Orchard - Hancock, NHSole survivor...  Moody Beach - Wells, MaineSophie Looking out from the living room... loving the colors...Now I have their attention...It was a single falling leaf that had these goats all perplexed...Man tree...Marginal Way as the clouds darkened... Marginal Way - Ogunquit Maine.  Totally awed by Saturday's surf and the beautiful blues of the ocean...More October snow yesterday...  Moody Beach - Wells, Maine yesterdayCan't believe it SNOWED yesterday...Fall leavesSeagulls - not so good with formation...More New Boston colors...On the course at York Golf & Tennis Club, York Maine on SundayThe view of Mt. Monadock from Pack Monadnock Saturday afternoonWitnessed an awesome pumpkin launch by the Yankee Siege yesterday...Steeple at DuskScarecrow gardenerGO SOX!!!!!More colors of fall...Fall comes to Scobie PondOne of the many views from  Pack Monadnock summit...It's Scarecrow Alley time in New Boston; this entry seems to be kissing up a bit...Fall settling in on New BostonBring on the color...Starting to look like Fall - Happy October!Dusk at Madaket Beach, Nantucket WatchDog...  Pumpkin patch at Mack's, Londonderry NHFall sunflowerSophie BrownSeagulls at sunsetWauwinet WoodyNantucket bicycleHappy First Day of Fall!Truck load of pumpkinsGreat year for apples!  What are you looking at?!Sam Sunset...   Beach fenceAnother sunset...Sunset...Nantucket deerSankaty Head Lighthouse, NantucketBrant Point Lighthouse, NantucketNantucket Lady Liberty - 9/11 never forget.Seals enjoying the water out at Great PointView from the top of Great Point LighthouseGreat Point Lighthouse, NantucketPre-sunset at Madaket Beach, NantucketNantucket harborNot quite Nantucket red but pretty nice nonetheless...Madaket just after sunset...Nantucket conservation landSophie Brown - ocean dogNantucket dog basket...Nantucket kids making the most of a rainy Sunday morning...Survived the ferry ride on the rough seas to arrive to a very wet Nantucket....My brother Eric jumping off his dock...Sophie Brown - Mountain DogFlowers, mountains and clouds...  nice viewJack and EmmaTurtles!Looking out the kitchen window at Sophie relaxing on the deck...View from my seat for Friday night's debacle... wish I was there yesterday instead of Friday.Apparently fish like fried food... this one's going after an onion ringJackEmmaWhat y'all looking at?  Haven't you ever seen a dog on a horse?  Downtown Nashville..."Ant" Becky with Jack and Emma at their TN lake house...PLEASE play frisbee with me...Pretty picnic spotGotta love people watching...  these were taken at the Hot Air Balloon RallyThe balloon in the foreground skimmed the river and has water dripping off the basekt... lots of action in the sky too!Guess this balloon rider likes living on the edge...Sticking it's tongue out at me?  Hikers... and cloudsSoph checking things out on the way to to the top of Mt. KearsargeMt. Kearsarge - beautiful 360 degree views...  Rain soaked lilyBell pepper in my garden :)Sunbeams in my front yard...Helicopter rides at the Balloon Festival...  Hey now...  The biggest hot air balloon in the world... At last night's Hot Air Balloon Rally in Pittsfield, NHBlue Globe Thistle getting ready to burst into full bloom in my garden...My thoughts exactly...Celebrated Sophie's 7th birthday last night.Thanks for sharing your autographed Pedroia jersey and photos with the office Jen W!   Old buoys and weeds...The Wang Theatre after the Steely Dan concert Saturday night.  Coulnd't take pictures during the show :(Queen Anne's lace...  or tiny beach umbrella...Getting tired of having a pond in my driveway all summer... enough with the downpours!Sophie in the flower gardenFirst harvest!  RoseAlong the cliff walk in York, MaineBeautiful day at York Harbor Beach, Maine yesterdayItty Bitty cucumber!All kinds of different directions for the waves...Love the contrast of the old fishing boats and the stately houses...  It's a little baby zucchini!!!!Tiger LilyWhy did the chicken cross the road?  Threatening weather prevented the BalloonFest balloons from going up but the crowd got to have some fun inside...Guess the thrill of the carnival is gone...A soaking up the sun visitor to my deckLittle baby green beans in my garden!!!!  One of the many zucchini blossoms in my garden - all the rain doesn't seem to be bothering them!Cyrus Dallin's "Angel Moroni" high atop the Mormon Temple in Belmont, MAFinally a taste of summer !The moon had a little competition on the 4th of July.  Looks so tiny...  Sophie chillin' on the 4th of July...Happy 4th of July!Another dreary rainy day in BostonView from my Boston hotel room for my company's Users Conference - too bad it's rain rain rain all the time...My birthday roses...Scoobie high fivin' birthday boy Tommy.Scooby snacks in the woods?Keeley and Joe at the brunch yesterday to celebrate their upcoming wedding.  Congratulations!Is it ever going to be beach weather this summer?A little bridge action for Sophie...The American Defenders mascot giving me the thumbs up at last night's game :)I like pink peonies best but the white ones are pretty too...A rare few minutes of sun for some of my peonies...  Probably shouldn't have been taking pictures while driving in Atlanta traffic but couldn't resist the Olympic torch...Strawberry season!Sherman - dog tired...Sophie and peoniesSoph & Sherm enjoying some pool time...Sherman and Soph Maine buoysPeek-a-boo peony...5th inning "tag" the American Defenders mascot...  Almost peony time!One of the wildflowers growing in the yard...SeagullsLong Sands Beach, ME seagulls looking toward Nubble Light on Saturday's overcast morning...What is it with ants and peonies?Riding the incoming tide...Sophie on yesterday's adventures in Maine...Freefalling?Bean plants... happy to see new growth! Wish they hadn't put that gazebo there... detracts from the view :(  More of Dodge's animals...  The new piglets at Dodge's Farmstand in New BostonSuddenly I felt very small...WellsBirch trees in the White MountainsMore iris...Iris Hoping for a ball...Driving through the White Mountains area...Nice win for the Sox yesterday but unfortunately another dreary game for Papi...  Sophie loving the White Mountains ride...Butterfly and lilacs...Make a wish...Approaching landing...Pine cone bud...Heavenly scent...  The joys of spring... oak catkins everywhere!  Beach walking...Seagull watching...Beak to beak...Let's hope they prove it tonight!Beach houses...A lone walker on the jetty at Wells BeachA little windy at Wells Beach yesterday as evidenced by Sophie's earsChairs by the waterWith views like this, maybe I should give golf a try...Chatham, MALast weekend in Chatham, MA.  Off-season is my favorite time to visit places like this...Spring blossoms and a boatThe dunes of the Cape...One of the beautiful views at Mark and Kerry's wedding reception.  Wequassett Resort, Chatham, MAAt Mark and Kerry's wedding reception Friday nightProvincetown fisherman...Enjoying a spring day on the Cape yesterday.  Highland Links, Truro, MALots of lobster traps...Whatcha looking at?Spring has sprungAll the daffy's are in full bloom after this weekend's hot weather...Here come the leaves...Almost ready...Busted.  Not quite sure how this is more comfortable than her dog bed...Sweep...  On to Round 2 - Go Bruins!Interesting choice of nesting spot...  nice and close to an electrical source.Balancing actSophieReady for a swim?Nothing like chillin' on your swing with a good cookie...Who'd thunk it?!  Shakey Wakey almost had a no-no.  Could he be our new Ace?Love watching bird formations...Got a kick out of this "bubbler" at Montgomery Bell AcademyEaster deer in Wells, Maine marshHappy Easter!Me and Jack on his slide...Little Miss Emma...Not a bad perch...Me and Wally - Opening Day 2009Let's hope Opening Day is all that Jack thinks it can be!  Go Sox!!!!  Emma RIley and Murphy wanted in on photos of me and Jack...My niece Emma with Bert.  My Dad painted it when my brothers and I were kids.Spring has sprung in Nashville, TNLake Champlain ducksDiver down!Took this shot from the car... never really thought of Vermont as home to camels.The Old Round Church - Richmond, Vermont The best shot I got of the birds at sunset over Lake Champlain was of Steve taking a picture of the birds...  Middlebury, VTSugarbush, VTAnother great view for Vermont skiers... Smugglers Notch, VTSaturday night's Burlington, VT sunset viewed from our hotel room.  Not too bad...Now we just need buds on the trees...  Very appropriate that the first robin sighting in my yard was yesterday...Happy 1st Day of Spring!A pretty cool old buildingMarginal Way, MaineHappy St. Patrick's Day!The melt continues...  City escape...Friday the 13th moon....The Budweiser dalmation and his driversAt long last!  Sophie's beloved jollyball.  It's been buried all winter but finally showed itself yesterday!Yesterday's snowy and sunny morning...I think even Sophie is getting tired of trudging in the snow...Digging (and eating) the snow...   Happy Daylight Savings!On the move...  City Lights....Sea shell by the sea shore...A bit of an eerie sky...Catching snowflakes with her tongue?  Or sticking it out at me?Came across this friendly horse while out for a weekend drive...  Happy March!Perkins Cove, ME drawbridgeEven though they're staring out into the snow, I think spring every time I pass the daffodils in Jen's office...Another peaceful spot...Peaceful spot in Nahant, MA with an beautiful blue sky as a backdrop...Something about this place always catches my eye when it's snow covered... must be the red...  Last night's wet snow made for some very droopy bushes this morning...Pacing seagull...  It may still be winter but the sight of a shell on the beach can't help but make you think summer...Custom House at night...  Looking up at Boston's Custom House...Barges off in the distance of Nahant, MAStumbled across this great spot in Nahant, MA on Sunday...Happy President's Day!    Sophie and her valentine...  Happy Valentine's Day!2 days of temps in the 50's put a dent in these giant piles of snow but they're still here for a while...The clouds overtook yesterday's blue sky but the warm temperature made up for it!Sunset... with Croched Mountain to the rightFebruary melt...  Pinecone in the snow...Zebras at the Pittsburgh zoo...  from my June visit.The Sox truck has left for Ft Myers; won't be long before we're seeing the blimp againMy front door doesn't exactly look welcoming...Dog wrestling at York Beach, MaineCape Neddick, MaineSeagulls and some sun...Sophie cruisin' in the back seatSerious icicles these days...Another "snow" bird...If only it were warm enough to actually sit on the bench...Braving the snow...Nubble Light - York, MaineAnother shot from Sunday's stop at Perkins Cove, MainePerkins Cove, MaineCape Neddick, ME yesterdayAnother flashback to July's Newfoundland tripForecasted weekend cold weather has me thinking vacationIs it time to go in yet??Emma and her morning hair...Snowy holly...Another snowy Sunday...Blue Jays and Cardinal...Brrrr....Mood lighting for the introductions at the Celtics game Wednesday nightThink warm...Sunday mid -afternoon proved to be pretty quiet on the slopes... Conrats on FINALLY making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame!  Looking out my front door after a snowy Sunday morningKind of puts into perspective how small people are in relation to nature...From last month's ice storm...This looks good right about now...  enough of the icy mixes already!A Gustav Dentzel Carousel piece on display at the Shelburne Museum, VermontSophie met (and later tasted) her first lobster last week...Suet feeder visitor...Snowman or bales of hay-man... at Dodge's farm standDad and Abbey enjoying a warm South Carolina ChristmasWinter birdbath at the Bedford Village InnLighthouse at Marginal WayHappy New Year!Horse District horse, Aiken SCMarginal Way, Ogunquit MEEven dogs were tired of waiting for flight (that eventually got canceled) out of Cincinnati Saturday night.  Finally made it home Sunday night.South Carolina gas war..Abbey under the Christmas treeMerry Christmas!Ho Ho Ho...Candy Cane on a snowy tree...Snowy Sophie...Santas in the crowd at yesterday's Bruins gameSanta's newest reindeerWhen is Santa coming?Tommy checking out icicles...Crystal forest...  still no powerIce storm...  pretty but I want my power backSophie checking out the remains of the Jack and Emma's snowmanOne of Santa's?A little bit of summer to help combat yesterday's cold weather...Mmmmm.... candy caneNaptime for Sophie and her monkey...All tuckered out after playing (and breaking) ball...Thinking of Santa?Reindeer Emma...Sophie wanted in on the snowman action too...Emma and Jack's first snowman!Snowball!My brother Eric and JackEmmaJack and Emma enjoying Thanksgiving dinner...Happy Thanksgiving!Man and horse...1st flakes of the winter...Why so defensive?Attack of the birds...Snowmaking at Pats Peak in anticipation of today's season opening...Adirondack style "ski chair" at Pats Peak...  sure to be soon be surrounded by snowOld General Store window in VT...Congrats MVP Pedroia!Thinking back on warmer days...  Who needs toys when you have a milk crate?Junior Monarchs at last night's Monarchs game...Original Warren Kimble on display at the Shelburne MuseumHissing gooseOld gas pump lakeside...SophieMural in Burlington, VT.   Happy Veteran's Day!Last live racing of the season at Suffolk Downs on SaturdayThe days are numbered for the leaves...New species?  Came across this fella at the New Boston Town commonDusk...Cruising Lake Champlain...Show-offMake your mark...  rock the voteOktoberfest (in November) at Pats Peak yesterdayFall color... and benchesPicnic of leaves...Happy Halloween!Setting Sun...North Hero State Park, VTMore scarecrows from Scarecrow AlleyMother Nature, New Boston's Scarecrow AlleyFallen leaves and foliage reflection on the water...Roadside view, South Hero VTBenches and fall color at the Shelburne Museum, Shelburne VTThis is how Sophie feels about the Sox not being in the World Series...Burlington Harbor lighthouse...Inspiration for Warren Kimble's "Round Barn" - Shelburne, VTSunset over Lake Champlain in Burlington, VTHad fun playing catch with a co-worker's pup...Sophie BrownAfter these miserable stats just prior to Tuesday's triple and last night's 3 run HOMER, Big Papi is back!Fall color at Pats PeakHad a nice view of the painful 13-4 beating the Sox took last night...  High atop New Boston's Cemetery Hill...Preparing the Yankee Siege for pumpkin chucking...Me and my former RD boys... and Brian Daubachsad sunflower...The reds of fall...Moooo...Bruins pre-season hockey on SaturdayThe infamous Sox bullpen cop nice and dry the night before winning the ALDS....  My brother Eric and I after last night's ALDS game... so much for the sweep...Gotta love the flowers of fall...Pumpkin critter...Dice-K display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Hoping he gives us another win tonight!Grazing...View of the turning foliage in New London, NHPumpkin time...Indian cornReady and waiting for Johnny Pesky's 6 to be retired tomorrow...New Boston village - colorful this time of year...Morning glory flower...  still going strong end of SeptIt's already looking like fall in some places...  Not time to empty out the park just yet...  Soxtober here we come!  Bursting milkweed...Happy Fall!The cat next door...  EarlBusy bee on a wildflower...Apple picking humor...Taking it easy in the flower garden...Mr. Giraffe seems a little put off with me taking his picture...A very serious Sox fan watching the start of last night's game...Lounging...Lots of apples on the trees...Looks like these orchid petals have veinsCruisin...Wasn't there the night before when we actually broke the sellout record but are still part of history...Mom, Dad and I after the Sox's disappointing loss at Fenway last nightLooks like a nice spot for a picnic...Mussel farm in Trinity, NewfoundlandJust another pretty face...Not exactly the most conducive placement of the do not enter sign - at least as far as the billboard message goes...Climbing beach roses...Along Newfoundland's Irish Loop...C'mon, throw something...Picture perfect day at the apple orchard...  but the apples need another week or so before they're ready to be pickedSand sculpture at the Hopkinton State FairSand bath?Begging Beavers at the Pittsburgh zooSophie and my hydrangea tree...Love the detail in this flower...3 little birds...Talk about living in the woods...One of the views from Harbor Beach's Cliff Path in York, MEView of the sunset from our table at Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery, METrepassey Bay, NewfoundlandIt's looking like this weekend should be a convertible kind just like last weekend...Bench at Castle Hill, the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MABold seagull at Sandy Point State Reservation, Plum Island.  Poor unsuspecting beachgoers...Came across this heron at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge - Plum Island, MAJust another day in Dunfield...Driving this "one way" road with the ocean on the left was a little scary...  Irish Loop, NewfoundlandOld fence in Trinity, NewfoundlandThe original (1836) Cape Spear lighthouseMutant black eyed susan?Shed near the lighthouse at Cape SpearLooking towards St. John's, Newfoundland from Cape SpearThe weather had a tough time making up its mind yesterday... but the black clouds eventually won outQuidi Vidi, NewfoundlandDoesn't matter where... nothing like clothes hung on the line to dryStretch....Family dinner...Pigging out on veggies?Cabot Tower high atop Signal Hill in St. John's, NewfoundlandSumo wrestling at yesterday's Fisher Cat's game...After hiking the many paths and stairs of Signal Hill, this last stretch really felt like walking into the sky...Fort Amherst lighthouse and the remains of gun emplacements built during WWII  - St. John's, NewfoundlandSo long Manny...Goat booster chair...Birthday #6 for Sophie yesterday...Contemplative moment for Big Papi just before hitting a home run in Sunday night's 9-2 win over the Yankees.One of the many boats we came across in our drive around the Irish LoopLooks like a peaceful spot to take a rest...Bird invasion... Ferryland, NewfoundlandSunrise at the most easterly point in North America - Cape Spear, NewfoundlandDawn breaking over Cape Spear, NewfoundlandFull Moon over the Cape Spear lighthouse in  St. John's, NewfoundlandNot only did we see the iceberg from a distance, we got a boat ride from a local out around it...ICEBERG!  A little late in the season and half the size it was 2 weeks ago but a great unexpected find in Dunfield, Newfoundland.Nap time...Ho hum...  so bored...Time for a little break...Wonder where this guy is off to...The vendors at Fenway are exhibiting some new skills...Dustin striking a pose... or... giving Manny the cold shoulderAt the Sox game Saturday night...Swan...  and nesting swan in Boston's Public GardenFish shaped benches in Boston's Seaport districtOne member of "Make Way for Ducklings" in Boston's Public GardenNow that's a burst of color...Telling secrets...Pacing polar bear...Lots of berries for this robin to enjoy...Wonder if this guy caught anything...Watching the fireworks (and smoke) in Newton, MA....Happy 4th!Does this orchid look mean or what?!Spectacled bear at the Pittsburgh zooSaxophone player in Boston's Public GardenThe folks at Phipps Conservatory seem quite taken with petunias and flamingoes...Pink flamingos and petunias at Phipps Conservatory in PittsburghNice kitties... at the Pittsburgh zooAnd off he goes...Came across these 2 guys plotting their course down the Ohiopyle, PA natural water slide...Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater" in Mill Run, PA - designed in 1935View from our seats at PNC Park Friday night...Downtown Pittsburgh's skyline at night...My dogwood tree in bloom...Sophie and my peonies...Cow and her calf...Busy bee...Yes!  Boston Celtics - NBA Champs...Looking down from the summit of Mt. Monadnock...Above the clouds at the summit of Mt. Monadnock yesterday...Having a ball...   Happy Father's Day!Mulch time...Peony bud playing hostess to a ladybug and an ant...Butterfly on my late blooming french lilacIris bloomVisitor to one of my wild daisies...Had to break out Sophie's pool yesterday...All lined up like little soldiers...Still friends after all these years...  Peggy, Michele and I in the dorm just before heading to our College reunionSophie sporting Celtics wear for last night's game...  she's not just a Sox fan.Better late than never... my rain soaked rhodie is finally starting to blossomCan't wait for my wave petunias to really take off...Not the best place for geese to be hanging out...On the green...Sophie and the azaleasMy irises may have let me down this spring but my azaleas didn't...Wally's got a Yankee just where he wants him....Canadian goose and 2 of her goslingsLiquid fireworks at the Reading, MA Jordan's store...Soaking in the quiet of Fenway Park high atop the Green Monster.  Took the Fenway tour over the weekend...Happy Memorial Day!Nice start to the holiday weekend but a little windy...Time for the Celtics to win a playoff game on the road... maybe my new basketball can be a good luck charmCheck out those ears...Sun over the lilacs after last night's downpour...Forsythia and an old window...The ducks working their way down the river...  some with a little help...Rubber ducks being dumped into the river at the start of the Clifford Nyquist Duck Race in New Boston on SundayCamoflauge toad...Flowering quinceApple blossomNew visitor to my bird feeders... a red breasted grosbeakIf only the tree blossoms could last right through summer...Violets.... not a bad looking weed but they'll take over if you let them.SophieHappy Mother's Day!Love the Spring tree blossoms...Grape hyacinth growing in a pile of rocks.Nesting box...The colors of Spring have finally arrived...Just hanging out watching the traffic go by...Me sporting a 2004 World Series ring at cousin Mookie's birthday party on Saturday...Sophie enjoying a lazy, rainy Saturday...Things are really starting to green up...You know you live in the country when horses pass by you on your walk...Spring runoff...And that's just for 3/4 of a tank...Time for the Sox to start playing like World Series champs again...Fred Flintstone dinner courtesy of Chef Steve...Lilac buds!Big Papi "honking" Wally's nose after last Sunday's win over TexasTractor time...Canadian Goose in a pond of tree reflections...Sophie and daffodils...Papi sliding home to tie up the game in Sunday's comeback win over Texas...Doubling his efforts?  Fishing in the water AND off of the bridge...Starting to see buds on some of the trees... spring is finally in the air!My first daffodil blossom of the springFinches at the feeder...Sun on Walden Pond...Wonder how the homeowner feels about these "guests"...Last little bit of snow hanging on...Canadian GooseWatching the birds through the deck door...Hard to believe that just a couple days ago these guys were buried under the snow...Yesterday's warm temps finally revealed Spring Sox...  the white is gone but the red survived the snowy winter.The moon at dusk...Love those Kansas Jayhawks!Opening Day is finally here...  but the giant coke bottles won't be there.Cruising the water of Walden Pond...Sign near the site of Thoreau's cabin on Walden Pond...Last weekend may have been sugaring weekend in NH but the sap is still running...Finally found a place that cleans cameras on site...  mine went in last weekend as is ready for pickup!The snow is melting slow but steady...The spring melt is on...Sophie relaxing in front of last night's fire...NH maple syrupSyrup boiling at Maple Butternut Farm's sugar shack in New Boston...Shouldn't we be done with the snow since the Sox have already opened the 2008 season?SophBird's nest from last spring...Mixing up a batch of lemonade in honor of the calendar declaring Spring...The big day is here; Overseas Season Opener ...  GO SOX!Not exactly looking like Spring...Happy Easter!She's a little distracted with March Madness but Soph is still thinking Sox...The bunny seems a little out of place with the snow...  Happy Spring!It's that time again... gotta get this bad boy filled out by noonIt's been a long winter...Guess I won't be putting out the deck furniture in honor of Spring's arrival this week...Happy St. Patrick's Day!Sherman went home yesterday but not before posing for his portrait...Tonight's the night I strike it rich... $275,000,000One of the many stray ladybugs I keep finding throughout my house...Getting tired of seeing these...  it's time for Spring...ShermanMore tug-o-war between Sophie and Sherman...No so cozy quarters...Hadn't seen my cardinal friend in a while but he was back on my deck yesterday morning...Our "house guest" Sherman and Sophie... and poor SantaThe Edward Rowe Snow...Wouldn't be the city without pigeons...Quite an eclectic collection of buildings...Long Wharf rooftop deck...The Sox might be at Spring Training but Wally thinks it'll be a while before WE see Spring...Peaceful snow scene...Wouldn't want to be a mail carrier with all the snow these days...If the snow keeps up, my dogwood tree will end up like the chairs you can barely see to the side of it...So much for this being a shelter from the elements...Sign of the times...need to push banks back with all this snow!Snowy benches on Boston CommonWinter Sailing...Skaters on Boston Common's Frog PondThe next Big Papi?  Jack's ready for Spring Training...Sox Spring Training is officially underway for all team members - time to start thinking about getting another one of these...Last night's lunar eclipse... and a little camera shake...How inviting does this look this time of year?!  Kennebunk last summer...Icicles on the barn at Hundred AcresIcy water...Mourning dove on snowy branchGrilling in the snow... think spring!My dogwood tree covered in ice...Happy Valentine's Day!Surprise visitor to the tree outside my office yesterday morning; we think it's a sparrow hawk.Old Man Winter...Sophie and lots of snow...Guess the birds won't be bathing here any time soon...Casey Jones.... gone but never forgotten.  Hard to believe it's been a year.Winter water...Last night was most definitely a tea night... and I don't even really like tea...Worked a little magic  to get  Sox tix for my company; now if only I could get some for myself...Only 11 days until Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training!Mourning dove...  for all of us mourning the Pats loss...6 more weeks of winter...  stupid groundhog...Snowman sledding...A little winter lighting...Even in the snow, retrieving the jollyball NEVER gets old...Happy 1st Birthday Emma!Sunrise can be pretty amazing...and colorful.Here's a guy that loves his job...Tommy expressing his (and my) frustration with the Sox virtual waiting room for tickets.Ray Allen and his perfect foul shot form...Nice d-fense KG...Homemade dog bones...Brrrr...Poor Scobie...  up to his neck in snow.Sophie was very interested in yesterday's Pats game...  Superbowl here we come!Icicle time...Coveted Celtics tickets for next Wednesday!Reflection of yesterday's sunrise captured by my X-terra...Pegboard in my living room...Sophie BMore snow...Winter's toll on fall's sunflower...Adirondack chairs in the snow...Handmade by Jenn!Female cardinal...Jack and Mickey...Enjoying a few beers with the World Series trophies next to us on the bar at T's Pub...My cousin Dan and I with the 2004 and 2007 World Series trophies!Yum...Acrobatic squirrel...EmmaSophie...The view in the distance from my office window yesterday...  absolutely beautiful.People are being pretty creative with all the snow we've been getting... and this guy just got a fresh coatFirst sighting of the cardinal at my bird feeder...  Happy New Year!Jack in his new Sox hat pulling his wagon...Riley... and Tennessee green grass in December.Jack went just a little heavy on the sprinkles...Eric and Sheri's new house...  yesterday (and night) was moving day.Emma modeling her new Sox winter hat...Christmas 2007Jack on Christmas Eve...   Merry Christmas!Christmas better get here quick; the reindeer are getting unruly...Me and Sophie BrownSnowing all day Thursday made for a pretty Friday...Have a seat...  my adirondack chairs are getting buried...The snow just keeps coming...Dashing through the snow...The snow is piling up quickly these days...Tropical Santa basking in a Winter Wonderland...Sophie sporting her new "handmade by Julie"  Pats wear in anticipation of today's game.Special Ops: Operation Wrecking Ball and Operation Bowling StormChristmas trees and Kissing balls in yesterday's snow storm.Sophie Santa...Lights and wreaths...I really need a garage...No one will notice if a little piece of the roof is missing, right?Tommy and his gingerbread house masterpiece...Unlike last December, snow on the ground adds to my holiday decorations this year...Wreath hanging on the side of my shed...Sophie Brown and candy cane...My house at dusk yesterday...Yesterday's snow created this winter scene in my front yard.Got an itch?Nice whiskers...Peaceful country scene...Riley...Abbey, Sophie and Riley... dog tired.Giving the thumbs down to the greenery that caused me to break my wrist...fell off a ladder gathering itCleaning up after "chuck a puck"...Used the self-timer for this shot of Mom, Dad and I sporting our World Series Champs gear...Miniature donkey...  up close and personalRiley romping through the woods...Sophie and her "cousin" Riley enjoying some holiday time together...Happy Thanksgiving!First snow of the season didn't stop the guys that play football at lunch...  the first 2 on the field even sported shorts.Grazing...Yesterday was hopefully the "final mow" of the season; the sox just might be there in the spring...Took a drive through the country yesterday and stumbled upon this guy...  came right up to me...Mural at the British Pub in Portsmouth.  Groovy, baby...Yesterday's "Pot Luck Thursday" feast at work even included a homemade WhippleHill cake... nice work Jill!Walkway covered in fall color...Last night's waxing crescent moon...What the hell?North Church steeple, Porstmouth NHView from Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH...Words of advice from a Mexican restaurant...Steppin' out...Woke up to the first hard frost of the season yesterday...Pumpkins in the window box on my shed...Losing their leaves...Sophie sitting pretty...Billy goats...Sophie and some Fall color...Assorted colors...Autumn color in the country...Sophie and a rawhide "Boo" treat...   Happy Halloween!In honor of the Rolling Rally today in Boston, here's a shot I took at the 2004 celebration!Jack and Wally stepping off into the sunset...One more to # 1!  GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!Love the fall trees...My front lawn...  honoring the Sox making it to the World Series!October 25th and my impatiens are still thriving... crazy...Feel the love...  GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!Fall colors...My lucky World Series pin...  I live for this!  Go Sox!!!Let's keep the flag flying right through to November...  GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Really starting to look like Fall...Taking it back home to America's most Beloved Ballpark - Go Sox!!!Even my stone dog has his rally cap on...  Let's get it together Sox - it's do or die!Sophie Brown and the jollyball...One of the many beautiful views from Gould's OrchardManny tipping his cap to the crowd after it was announced he set the major league record for the most homers in post season play - 23!Last night's sky...Working towards another banner...  think RED...    Go Sox!Pumpkins in the apple orchard...Pumpkin People...Apple season!ALCS here we come!!!   I believe... and so does my little neighbor buddy Tommy...One of the entries in New Boston's "scarecrow alley"...  Go Sox!!!!Liked the way the light was hitting this monarch butterfly...Tree scarecrow...Happy 2nd Birthday to my nephew Jack!And so it begins...  GO SOX!!!!Prepared for liftoff...Playing bashful...The AL East champs take the field the day after clinching...  They won making my record 8-0 at Fenway this year !AL East Champs!Flying high...Yeah, looks a little shallow...Soph sniffin' the sedum...Wild blueberry bush leaves changing into their fall color on the banks of Scobie Pond...Back scratching...  or looking for a belly rub???Happy Fall!Grasshopper on a sedum blossom...Walking the beach...Believe...Just before I was able to get a shot of the birds all lined up on the fence, a dog barked scaring them into flight...My cousin Dan and I after Saturday's Sox game...Papi "resting" on 2nd during one of many 6th inning pitching changes during yesterday's Sox/Yankees gameWilting sunflower...Captain Crow?One of the many sheep at the fair...Seagull heading for the rocks after a quick dip in the ocean...September 11th...  wave that flag with American pride...Some of the veggies at the fair...Ox-pull at the Hillsboro County Agricultural Fair...This guy spent all afternoon "rowing" his surfboard at Gooch's Beach in Kennebunk...Dusk settling in over the diving raft at Scobie Pond...A day in the life of Sophie Brown...Mr. Toad... don't mess with him...Fans checking out "The Red Chair" after Sunday's Sox game...Sunflower heads...Gotta love living in the country...Mountain goat?Lots of lillies...Sophie watching the Sox last night...Sunflower...He huffed and he puffed and he blew the barn down...Chocolate and vanilla..."How 'bout a sip for me?"  Sophie and my second cousin Will.Yeah, I'm digging... so what?!Seriously, I think I need to change my commute route...Fresh picked tomatoes...Busy little bee...Sophie Brown in the tall grass...Emma, how do you feel about the Yankees closing in on us?A little color along the top of river bank...Pails of sunflowers at Dodge's veggie stand...Bird Balance Beam?Queen Anne's Lace reaching skyward..."Caramel"...  this summer's little piggy at Dodge's Ice Cream and Vegetable stand...Jump... be free...I guess even vegetables need protection from the sun...Look what Sophie and I came across in a field of wildflowers...Wonder what they're talking about...Fishin'...Blueberry muffin time...  breakfast is served...Black eyed susans... and Soph...Moo...Looks like thes 2 blossoming black eyed susans are having a conversation...Tip-toeing chipmunk...Sunset... taken from Center of NH parking garage last weekSleepy piggy...Nothing like a cold drink of water on a hot day...Blueberry picking time...Sophie staring down "five" yesterday...This looks like a good spot to just hang out...All Sophie needs now is a cocktail and a good book...Keeping watch...One of summer's many flying creatures...  and I've got plenty of them in my yard.Starting to see the "reds" in my garden... A tinch of impressionism...Finally took the kayak out for a ride yesterday... beautiful afternoon on Scobie Pond.Almost looks like this bee is jumping into the petunia bloom...Sophie and her new tire stick...  now I don't have to search for branches to throw...And then there's "let's go fishing" Jack...Preppy Jack...Scene from my backyard flower garden...My wild blackberries are starting to ripen...Love going to Boston for a Sox game, but HATE the traffic...Didn't need to look at the flag to know the wind was blowing out at Fenway last night... 3 Sox home runs told us that!C'mon... throw my new floating tire stick so I can retrieve it...Grasshopper and a daylily bloom...Dogs have fun at the lake too!How'd you like to climb these stairs?Toured the Jack Daniels distillery during my Tennessee visit...Went tubing with my two brothers...  here we are in the calm before we hit the open waters...Dad trying out the jet ski at my brother's lake house in Tennessee...Sox girls...  me and my niece Emma...Goofing around with my nephew Jack...All American Boy Jack on the 4th of July...Happy 4th of July!A little pre 4th sparkler action...Sox wine... from Longball Vineyards...Mama robin keeping her babies warm...  I've seen 2 little ones so far...Papelbon making his way to the mound last night to close... The 3rd out took a bit of work but Sox managed to hold on 2-1.Sometimes a girl just has to treat herself to a big birthday gift...Stella D'Orro Daylily...  just blooms and blooms...Celebrating Tommy's 4th birthday last night...There should be baby robins in my hydrangea tree any day now...The garden seems like a good place to nap...Double  Rainbow...If only their blooms could last forever...Rainbow...Peony...the greatest flower ever...Look out Wally...  Right and Left Sox are working the crowd now too...Sniffing the lupines...Took my brother Matt to his first Sox game yesterday... He's led a deprived life...Happy Father's Day!    Love you Dad...Commando salamander...Reached a big milestone with my Explorer yesterday...Sophie in my patch of wild daisies...Gazing out into the wild "black" yonder...Luna moth - hung out on my deck all weekend...Butterfly working a rhodie bloom...Helicopter belly...Budweiser Clydesdale "Charlie" in the Merrimack stable...Water flowers are definitely funky...Checking out the dandelions..."Please take me home with you..."Rain soaked rosebud...Ready... set... grow...Bad hair day...Lilly of the valley....June is peony month... can't wait for these to blossom...No question about it... she's a water dog...Sophie Brown at Kennebunkport...Celebrating the unofficial start of summer with JP and Todd...Happy Memorial Day!Red winged blackbird...Dog meets snake...  a little more tentative than dog meets toad...Lilacs...  my favorite part of spring...Climbing vine...Dandelion reaching for the sky...Nice horns...Wally congratulating Tek after winning the first game of the Atlanta series...Post game at "Who's on First" after the Sox won the first game of yesterday's doubleheaderNaptime on the hammock with the sweet scent of lilacs - if only the rain would stop...Dog meets toad...Apple blossom...Walking on sunshine...Entranced...Apple Blossoms and a mountain view at Gould Orchards...Happy Mother's Day Mom... Love you.New leaves, silo and a plane...Lots of color in this garden...Taking in a nice warm night at Scobie Pond...It's all about formation...Almost tulip time!Sophie taking a break after running around the apple orchard...Preening Canadian goose...Spring has definitely sprung... blossoms everywhereTommy and a bouquet of daffodils he picked just for me...Spring even dresses up mailboxes...Sophie and the daffodils in the front garden...Sunset over Kennebunk...Resting gold finch...Freeze! Caught this guy on his way up to one of my bird feeders...Starting to look a little more like spring...Rusty old silo...Magnolia blossom...My neighbor Lindsay on a tree "balance beam" in the woods...The first daffodil to bloom in my garden this spring...Sophie enjoying a perfect spring day...Sophie imitating the stone dog... Captain Tek... one of the heroes in last night's 7-6 victory over the Yankees!A welcome sight after a week that included snow, torrential rain, flooding, and lots of clouds...Mallard duck hanging out at the Bedford Mall...  bet he likes all the rain...Everywhere you turn in New Boston...Suffice it to say, New Boston's town center flooded...Seriously... enough with the snow...Big Papi's homerun swing at yesterday's Sox game... so good to be back at Fenway...The tulips are trying... despite the snowBlue jay, cardinal and some seeds on top of the snow...One fat robin...My Christmas cactus is in full Easter bloom...Home Opener today...  Go Sox!Ducks going shopping?Happy Easter!My backyard Thursday morning...Hard to stay mad at a spring snowstorm when it looks this beautiful...Winter's back...  one of the 4 vehicles I saw off the road on my commute home last night.Thank you Florida Gators...Spring has sprung... new life in the garden...Opening Day... Go Sox!Steppin' into April...I'm cat sitting Miss "Kitten Mittens"...It's officially mud season...Rough life for Sophie...Couldn't help but notice this pancake house...Looks like these two ducks are parting ways...Finally got some pretty "stick to the trees snow"...Smoking Sugar Shack...It's Maple Syrup time in NH... Open Houses all over the state all weekend at all the sugar shacksStill a lot of snow around despite yesterday's big melt...Wishful thinking...Today might be the first day of spring but no daffodils in sight... just sunflowers in the snow.Apple trees and glazed snow...View out my front door...Sparrow in the snow...Happy St. Patrick's Day!Little people, big nature...Yesterday was a rough day for snowmen...Skinny wild turkey...  plump wild turkey...It may have been close to 60 degrees yesterday but still lots of snow in our neighborhood...It's sap time...Snow covered wind-swept pasture...This just might be the cutest plow I've ever seen...My fireplace is getting a lot of use this week in the bitter cold...How many days until Spring?New Boston's slightly tattered "Old Glory" flapping in the windBusy African PenguinsLong Wharf, Boston...Penguin Wedding Ceremony?Braving the elements...and adding some nice color in the snowTrail blazing...A jollyball headed snow beast...An owl in the backyard?!  Yikes...Another new visitor to my backyard... the Barred OwlMy newest backyard visitor...Taunting?Last night's sky on my ride home from work... incredible..."Fluffy" snow...Bird watching...Maybe the groundhog was right... saw my first robin of 2007 yesterday...Winter boots...Winter scene..."X marks the spot" reflections in my snowy front yard...Even the birds looked cold in yesterday's bitter wind...What's a dog gotta do to get a hat around here?!Happy Valentine's Day!Bluejay...To my family and friends... thank you for being there for me.  It means a lot...Looks more like a stream these cold days...For Casey...Hope this guy is warm enough in his wool coat...Scarf weather...Little snow tubers taking a break at New Boston's Winter Carnival...Wild turkeys...Winter is finally here...Looking out my first floor office window yesterday morning, I realized just how close WhippleHill is to the Manchester airport...Doggie kiss...WhippleHill Woodpecker...It's a niece!  Happy Birthday to Emma born yesterday morning...SophieCasey Jones and a little snow...Having a little fun with snowflakes and my self-timer...Sox tickets go on sale today...  opening day only 66 days awayWooden skates on an iced over tree branchSay cheese...Cardinal at one of WhippleHill's feeders...Hay is for horses...Hay "barn"...The deep freeze continues...Horses at Joppa Hill FarmField of ice...Think snow...Speed limit?Ice skates and ice crystals...Happy labs...  Sophie and WoodySophie, her new friend Woody... and a stick for 2...Tommy helping make dog bones... with the dogs overseeing...Beginning to think this snowman my Mom gave me is going to be the only snowman I'll see all winter...Vanity lights...Ducks out for a swim...Window on an old New Boston workshopWith the warm temps, Saturday turned out to be "lab day" at Scobie Pond...It's January... there is supposed to be snow and the ground and my grass should not be green!Car (and bus) graveyard?Oneof the many squirrels that visit my birdfeeder...Cardinal and his reflection...Ice crystals on the greenery in the windowbox on my shed...It's a little late... but it finally looks like Christmas...First sighting of the cardinal at my bird feeder...  Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Winter Bike...Abbey... my parents' dogSophie and her new Christmas jollyball... all is right with the world again...Tunnel of trees in Aiken, SCWishing my brother Eric and his family a Merry Christmas via webcam... we all got them for Christmas!Taking a rest...Some pretty creative light work... Merry Christmas!Silent Night...Ahh... the joy of baggage claim... "Around the World" theme for our office holiday party... our team went with "An Alpine Christmas"First day of winter... and no snow in sight.  Bet the water is pretty cold though...Lights on my outdoor Christmas tree...Sophie and Santa...My "chair for all seasons"...  can't believe my grass is still green...Sophie BrownChurch doors in Kennebunkport...Simple wreath...Scooter and wreath outside antique shop...One of the many festively decorated shops in Kennebunkport, MEEven the bridges get decorated for Kennebunkport's Christmas "Prelude"...Nubble Light... York, MaineScobie Pond... starting to freezeFirst snow of the season collecting on Scobie's Santa hat...My old sled... used now as a decorationThe "nature" Christmas tree in my kitchen...'Tis the season...Watercolor Sophie?Mr. Woodpecker taking a rest from doing quite a job on one of my trees....Tommy dressing Scobie for the holidays...Sophie, a birdhouse and burning bush berries...What this scene outside the New Boston General Store needs is snow...  Happy December!Another sunset view...Setting sun...gotta fly...I think this guy actually posed for me..."Seymour".... one of the dogs at the Animal Rescue League in Bedford, NHRed sky at night...Turkey Sale...Happy Thanksgiving!Contemplating some pre-Thanksgiving football...Casey Jones...Ready or not... here come the holidays.Light in the clouds...The color of the sky was gorgeous as the sun set...Monarch butterfly basking in sun drenched mums...Holly berries...Pegboard in my living room...Sophie Brown...Casey Jones in the leaves...Tommy and Sophie...fence gate...ornamental grass...Out for a swim...Clydesdales on the move...What do you mean I can't play in the leaves?!Not a cloud in the sky...Autumn sunflowers...The New Boston cemetary at peak foliage...Hanging out with her jollyball...The sky has been amazing lately...This house is serious about Halloween...Happy Halloween!Witchy Sophie...My Halloween ghosts...Love the orange and reds...Casey Jones enjoying the crisp fall air...Up, up and away...Fall's guilty pleasure... cinnamon apple cider doughnuts...Chris Carpenter on the mound tonight in game 3 of the World Series!One of the Great Towers at the Keene Pumpkin FestivalFrankenpumpkinstein...Baring it's branches...Came across these guys earlier this week...The view from my guest bedroom... the reds are outstanding this year...Another of New Boston's beautiful fall views...One of the "boats" from Goffstown's Pumpkin Regatta - and yes, it's a real pumpkin...Budweiser Clydesdale... and dalmation...One of many pretty views off of Hooper Hill in New Boston...Peek-a-booA chair for all seasons...Is this food?!Casey Jones and pumpkin...Sophie Brown and pumpkin...Francestown's meeting hall steeple...Henniker, NHI think my grass is getting a little too long...Brick walkway...On the move...NH "Swan" gourds...autumn leaves...2006 is finally behind us...  how many days until Spring training?Old wagon wheel against barn door at Frye's Measure Mill...Pumpkin time...Fresh veggies...Sophie and her jollyball...... and Gould's apples are pretty good too!Gould's Orchard in Contoocook... beautiful views...Sophie Brown... and green...Grass is still green... but LL Bean wants us thinking Christmas...Casey Jones checking out some pumpkins...Apple season!Mini-sunflower and monarch butterflycouldn't resist this cute little goat face...Busy bees...old wagon wheel and pumpkinstractor in an apple orchard...The colors of fall are creeping in...Sophie... solitude... swimming for sticks... Scobie PondCan we please go out now?!The leaves are already starting to turn in this swampy area...A neighbor's mailbox following 9/11...Why did the turtle cross the road?Last night's full moon in the tree branches...Sundown over a row of corn...Can we please rewind summer?Give a Dog a Bone!Ahhh...grasshopper....Casey Jones by the side the rain...Hard to believe Sammy's been gone a year... here he was in one of his favorite resting spotsDaisy at night...Couldn't resist having a little fun with this mushroom growing in my backyard...After 3 days of rain, the bright blue sky is a welcome sight to this sunflower...Red barn and American flag in New Boston village...Sunflower in half bloom...Casey Jones and a rawhide shoe...One of the goats at the mini-farm at DodgeSophie Brown Dog...A black & yellow argiope spider that has taken up residence in a hedge at work... WhippleHill's new mascot...Couldn't help but think "On Golden Pond" when I spotted this man at the beach Tuesday...Sand alligator...  someone on York Beach yesterday was an artist...Gone fishin'...Quack, quack, quack...Queen Anne's Lace bud preparing to blossom...A very basic boat...Sophie Brown and black-eyed susans...The impatiens around my shed are pretty happy there...Eck and RemDawg doing the pregame show Monday night...A delicate balancing act...Headed back to Yawkey Way tonight to see the Sox take on Detroit...The little birdie "May" that I "pet-sat" for the past few days...Nice little resting place for a bird...Frank with he and Kristina's new baby girl... .Katherine Elizabeth...Fenway Park...Tommy checking out the black eyed susans in one of my gardens...Time to start working those Sox superstitions...  let's go Sox!Casey Jones with phlox in background...If dogs could get driver's licenses, Sophie would be first in line...From Sophie's 4th birthday celebration...Henry isn't the biggest fan of the cheese from his mozzarella stick...Newport, RI98 degrees on Yawkey Way last night... doing my best to keep cool before the game.Seagull turned maestro?Couldn't resist having a little fun with this mushroom growing in my backyard...Couldn't ask for a better best friend...Gotta love small town living..."Little" Sophie Brown turns 4 today... Happy Birthday Soph!Love the colors of summer...Sophie sniffing the lillies...Casey Jones relaxing by the front steps...Dragonfly on a gayfeather blossom...Lots of nectar in the coneflowers..."Chef" Todd preparing pizza for the grill... which was delicious...Came across this scene on my way to work yesterday and couldn't resist taking a picture...Old red chair and bee balm...My lucky red ladybug...Somehow I managed to get behind a caravan of antique cars last weekend...Tube basking in the sunset at Scobie Pond last night...Butterflies love the blue globe thistle in my garden...Pool party!sunset...Cute little piggy...Look out - madman on a tricycle!This lily appeared out of nowhere in my garden and I'm sure glad it did!Sophie enjoying a nice cool drink from the hose...Kennebunk, MaineSeagull with his "catch of the day"...Sophie Brown soaking up summer...Robins in their nest in a tree in my front yard...The start of the New Boston 4th of July parade...Happy 4th!Congratulations Kim and Craig!Windowbox on my shed...The big attraction at the New Boston ice cream stand... Wilbur!Nice day for a walk...Another year older today...Very colorful "old time" gas station in Amherst, NH...Make a wish!Celebrating Papi's walkoff homerun in the bottom of the tenth on Saturday...My roses are absolutely beautiful this year...Peonies... my favorite flowerSophie Brown and my garden peonies...Me and Mr. Jones...Used the self-timer to take this shot of me and my brown dog....Casey gobbling down a piece of his birthday cake...Casey Jones turned 14 yesterday... and his friend Tommy came over for a party...Happy Father's Day!We made quite a team...What a difference a day makes... all of a sudden I have lots of roses in bloom!My rose bush is loaded with buds; this is the first of many blossoms...Happy Flag Day!Robin's egg in nest in my pine tree...Never underestimate the thrill of opening your blinds to a bright, sunny day...Apparently we're skipping summer this year...Door to old workshop at Hundred Acres, New BostonSophie and my wild daisies...Rain soaked daisy...These little guys are all over the yard... and love to jump in the path of the lawnmower.  Good thing I'm a nature lover...Henry knows the first rule of being a Sox fan; sometimes you've just got to laugh it off...or maybe have a drink like the woman behind him...Casey JonesEnough is enough!  Even the caterpillars are getting soaked...Sophie earlier this week...  Doesn't care that the sun is going down...just wants to play!Home sweet home...Pink ladyCurrent star of the garden... irises...Working the Memorial Day grill...Perfect day for the first kayak outing of the season on Scobie PondTHE best greenhouse around...  Colonial Acres in New Boston5:00 pm Friday - downpour starts just as long weekend gets underway... ugh!Scobie "dam" still working harder than usual but at least it's not flowing all the way across the top anymore...Make a wish!Sophie BrownGood stone doggie...Sophie and my new neighbors' dog Tucker playing "get the stick" in Scobie Pond...Fresh cut lilacs... one of my favorite parts of spring!Sophie in the apple orchardWhen cows lay down, doesn't it mean it's going to rain?!  Please, NO!!!!!!!!!!Canoe chained to tree at Scobie Pond survived the floods...but was pretty wet for a few days...Haven't seen the sun for 11 days... tired of looking out at the rain...New Boston's River Road preparing to live up to its name...New Boston isn't faring very well with all this rain!Happy Mother's Day!  Love you Mom!Dandelion... and Sophie running in the backgroundApple tree blossoms...Sophie knows... always take time to stop and smell the flowers...My neighbor's cat EarlBlack fly season... it ain't prettyI wish more flowers came in this color...Old crooked barn...Multi-cultural dogs... here they are celebrating Cinco de Mayo...Hard to believe that this odd looking thing will turn into beautiful dogwood foliage and blooms...ItRustic birdhouse...Not a cloud in the sky...Pals...Sit awhile... and enjoy the colors of springMourning doves...Tulip patch...From head to TOE, 'lil Sox fan...Sophie Brown...  and yellow...Lilac buds...Casey Jones in the gardenDirt pile tackled... and seed, fertilizer and straw applied just in time for the rain!My little helper...  we'll have this dirt pile spread in no time!Sophie and Scobie Pond at dusk...Forsythia bloomYawning or laughing?  Hard to tell...Gotta love Papi - 2 homers on Monday...  (why not for me on Sunday?!)Easter Sunday at Fenway...Happy Easter!Here comes Peter Cottontail...Easter lilyHydrangeas in vivid spring colors...Tommy and a little Easter reading...Full bloom...Just a little more sun and this daffodil will be in full bloom...Spring swim...April rain...The dogs are pretty excited about the arrival of the new jolly ball...Tommy entranced by a passing motorcycle...April showers... bring May flowers...Casey Jones and a stray daffodil in the garden...GO SOX!Sox wardrobe all washed and ready for the 2006 season to start Monday...March went out like a lamb as evidenced by part of the crowd at a lunchtime BBQ at work...Coach Pyne addresses his Hawks after their home opener win against Stonehill (4-2)Didn't matter that he outgrew the basket - Sammy always found it a good place for a snooze...Gone but not forgotten...Casey Jones loves running through the woods...If looks could kill...  such beady little eyes on these cowsSure sign of Spring in New England...First sign of life in the garden...daffodil budsHey / Hay!Big 'ol pine tree and a content Sophie BrownSpring flowers... canWith the arrival of spring came my first robin sighting...March Madness - UCONN gave me a scare but they pulled it off...It's been so windy lately, even the squirrels are holding on for dear life...The beer wasn't just a prop...Sophie McBrown - Happy St. Patrick's Day!Casey McJones - getting into the St. Paddy's spirit a wee bit earlyMid-March - little snow and semi-green grass...Casey Jones gliding over the ice deep in the woods...March Madness - time to fill in those brackets!A shared "sniff"... the dogs in the woods behind my houseTommy at my piano - either he's really concentrating or he's really sleepy...Weathervane at Silo's Steak HouseThe trees have been tapped...and the sap is flowingAnother of life's simple pleasures - sneakers and jeans in the officeOne of life's simple pleasures: sheets dried on the clotheslineCrotched Mountain - no lines, no waiting...Why not Sophie for Orvis model?Picnic - nice thought, but way too cold...SophieWith yesterday's cold start, I'm not sure I'd agree that March came in like a lamb...What?!Preparing to make his move... They should just call it squirrel seed...Hanging out...Casey Jones goes to the salon; Sophie Brown gets the bathtub...Casey Jones  or Mr. T?King JonesNow what?!Dog gazing...  and soaking in the sun...Go Sox - Happy Spring Training!PSNH to the rescue Sunday night...Not exactly what you want to come home to on a  Friday night...My little buddy Tommy playing in the snow... and on the lookout...Newspaper Delivery "Artist"A rose  and a chocolate (lab)...Happy Valentine's Day!Snowfaces...Pawprints in the winter sandAnother shot from the Brad Paisley concert...Brad Paisley - Live at the Verizon last night!Mr. Jones and Miss BrownThe meltdown (and runoff) continues...Bargain?Neighborhood DogsNot quite canoe season...Almost ready...What does a silly groundhog know; keep thinking Spring!Groundhog Day. Think Spring!Sophie in her winter wear...On the pond...Pulled out all the stops...AAARGH!Casey Jones all wrapped up and cozy...One step at a time...We can start believing again now that Theo's back...Winter beauty - heavy wet snowMy new employer's company sign.  Love the tree...Door to old workshop at Hundred Acres, New Boston6 month technology spending spree...Sophie relaxing by the fireBeer, margarita - Henry wanted it all!  Sadly, all he was allowed was a jar of squash...Gimme that beer!A reminder of warmer days peeking out from under the snow...JP and LucaSisterly love...  Kathleen and Bob's "Duchess" and "Kilty"Winter is back...Real dog (Luca), stone dog (Scobie) - both with watchful gazes...Friday the 13th Full MoonJanuary thawMore than one dog toy has been destroyed in this little game...Marooned; the diving raft at Scobie PondMy little feathered friendCasey JonesHydrangea tree in winterPals?Tommy and his new favorite mode of transportation.Winter WonderlandEnjoying the crisp winter air at Scobie Pond...Sophie's so tired from the holidays she can barely keep her eyes open.Cheers to 2006...  Happy New Year!My Christmas cactus is just slightly behind schedule...  but itWho needs tv when you can just watch the reflection of your Christmas tree?Lull's Orchard in Hollis, NHA little New England snow for the Carolina bound...Sophie in her Christmas card poseCSanta was here!  Merry Christmas!TraitorAlways a crowd favorite...False alarm.  Casey Jones thought he heard reindeer.Kitchen Aid mixer reporting for duty; let the games begin!Waiting for Santa can be so, shop, shop - wrap, wrap, wrap...Sophie Brown and her favorite toy.  Best $12 I ever spent...Waiting for SantaWill today be a repeat of last Friday?  I think my snowblower and I are going to be good friends this winter.My "Russ Clark" handcarved Santa CollectionLate for their nativity scene?  These guys are on a mission...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Sophie "Air" Gardzina jumping for snowballls.The tree in my front yard decked out with lights - and snow...Looks like Old Man Winter has arrived...Jolly ol' JackOne can only assume Santa was off-site at his North Pole workshop...Ho, ho, ho...Hancock Shaker Village at ChristmasCasey ClausApparently poinsettias come in a variety of colors these days...Scobie the Stone Dog's reflection helps decorate my front door.Time to start getting into the Christmas spirit...Looking for the silver lining after being stranded at the airport for the night...Jack watching his pal "Wally the Green Monster"Dad making sure his South Carolina birds are fed...Riley interrupts Jack's Christmas photo shoot to give him a big smootch...Eric, Becky and Matt at OprylandJack and Auntie BeckyHappy Thanksgiving!Casey Jones cruising the aisles at Petsmart after spending the day at the "salon"Sophie licking her chops - gimme that bone...Scobie Pond Beach, closed for winterMy little buddy Tommy.  "Gotta go home, bye my friend Becky"Sophie, meet your shadow...Mr. Jones - so cozy...Story of my life...serenitySophie taking a break on our walk in the woodsGuess what I spent all day doing...Drew and Allison with their St. AWelcome...Football anyone?My nest egg?Miss BrownMr. JonesKaz is a Mrs...SophTommy; the next Theo?Scare"crow"...Peaceful SlumberHydrangea TreeHappy HalloweenSophie Autumn